14 New Songs to Listen to This Week From Tania Dominguez to Elle Baez

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Rancho Humilde.
Courtesy of Rancho Humilde.
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This is our weekly compilation of bite-sized reviews of newly released songs by our talented music writers. Discover new favorites, read nuanced criticism of the week’s hottest releases, and much more. Who knows, you might walk out of this with a new fave or two. Some of the featured artists include Tania Dominguez, Elle Baez, and Mi Amigo Invencible. Follow our playlist featuring these tracks and more on Spotify or Apple Music.

Tania Dominguez - “Estela”

Singer-songwriter Tania Dominguez aches over the absence of love on her latest track “Estela,” a gut-wrenching romantic corrido that shows off the newcomer’s lyrical chops. While yearning lies at the core of Dominguez’s single, her soft croons ring with a sense of clearheadedness over bright acoustic strums. She may be mourning but knows not that all is completely lost after the heartbreak. – Nayeli Portillo

Elle Baez - “I Love My Body” 

Elle Baez is all about self-love. The Dominican-American singer-songwriter dropped her newest single “I Love My Body,” a heartfelt love letter to her physique. With empowering lyrics on top of a progressive pop number, Baez delivered a body-positive anthem about self-compassion, forgiveness, and acceptance. “The chorus is an affirmation to play on repeat to remind yourself that you are alive and breathing in this beautiful body,” she shared. “You were put on this earth for a reason. Show yourself all the love that you can.” What a great way to start the new year. – Jeanette Hernandez

Mi Amigo Invencible - “Todo lo que tengo”

Short and sweet, Argentine indie rockers Mi Amigo Invencible kickstarted the year with a delightful meditation on gratitude titled “Todo lo que tengo.” Built on vintage keys, sparse percussion, and lush vocal harmonies, the song immediately hones in on our New Year’s misgivings with a poignant reminder that as long as we have love in our life, things won’t be so bad. The much-needed aural hug is accompanied by a colorful animated video from PAM! PAM! ANIMATION, depicting dancing animals and blooming flowers in adorable 8-bit graphics. – Richard Villegas

SEXES - “*42”

Mexican duo SEXES has been churning out singles at a steady pace for the past few months, and judging by their latest one, it’s just a matter of time before more people take note of their extraordinary talents. On “*42,” Ra and Parrillat conjure a synthpop track that is equal parts danceable, catchy, and full of darkness; a steady rhythm provides the pulse while synths buzz and twirl around with melodies and textures. At the center, we find Ra providing her unique sing-songy approach to melody that makes the track memorable, topping an amazing song with a top-notch performance. — Marcos Hassan

te vi en un planetario - “casa de espejos”

Right before wrapping up their 2023, te vi en un planetario, the Teotihuacán duo comprising Ilka Serna and Alexis Ramos, dropped a new single called “casa de espejos,” and it’s an enveloping dream pop wonder. Backed by a driving beat and growling synths, Serna takes us to a house of mirrors with beautiful vocalizations and cryptic lyrics about a mysterious being who claims material goods, but she can only pay with her heart, her only possession. Depending on the angle, it can be scary or romantic, or both. We just have to get lost in it to discover it. – Cheky

Gyanma - “antes que la rola…”

Following up on his 2023 self-titled album with Enyel C, Duo Deleite, Gyanma’s new track “antes que la rola…” marks his solo return. The Puerto Rican is known to deviate from the current reggaeton domination and offers a compelling fusion of pop and R&B. He’s figuratively on top of the world as he croons to a love interest, saying things like, “En tu vida quiero ser el único.” His talents also lie in the production of the track, creating a dream-like scene for listeners. — Chelsea Quezada

Jazz Bandana - “Todo Pesa”

The ever-elusive Jazz Bandana released his last album on Christmas Day 2022, a surprise drop without any promo that thrilled fans of the Puerto Rican alt-trap pioneer. Exactly one year later, he appears on Christmas again, this time with a new single: “Todo Pesa.” Being enigmatic has become part of his appeal as of late, but the song is a reminder of his primary allure. His recognizable flow — call it laidback angst — launched a hundred copycats back in the 2010s, but it’s always rich to hear it straight from the OG. Whether this precedes another album is a mystery for now, and that’s probably just how he prefers it too. — Juan J. Arroyo

Grace Sorensen - “Madness, Madness”

Neo soul singer and songwriter Grace Sorensen ushers in a new house-inspired era with her latest single “Madness, Madness.” Originally hailing from Central Texas, the now LA-based artist first cut her teeth across Austin’s indie R&B scene, eventually taking her melancholic grooves to highly-coveted stages like last year’s Austin City Limits Festival and opening for legendary singer Diana Ross before even turning 21. “Madness, Madness” is just as intricate and melodic as Sorensen’s earlier singles but shakes with such a rapturous EDM pulse that you’re bound to hit repeat a few times after the first listen. – Nayeli Portillo

Deejay Telio, Savanah & Rennan da Penha - “Picareta”

Brazilian funk is making waves in 2024. Angolan rapper and producer Deejay Telio teamed up with Brazilian artist Savanah and Brazilian DJ Rennan da Penha for their new fire track “PICARETA.” Boasting rhythmic Brazilian funk coated with an explicit sensual lyric flow, the new banger is a must on the heated dancefloor and your new cardio playlist. Heck, it even serves as a cherry on top of your current sex playlist. With this in mind, we hope to hear more sexy funk this year. – Jeanette Hernandez

AKRIILA - “nunca es lo mimso y.y”

From pandemic bedroom star to one of Chile’s freshest young talents, AKRIILA’s meteoric rise has been bolstered by banger after banger, bouncing with ease between trap, plug, and club beats. Her latest scorcher is “nunca es lo mimso y.y,” a devilishly sexy perreo produced by Argentine studio whiz Heartgaze, where desire and heartbreak swirl into dangerous, addictive romance. The song balances precariously on that tension, captured beautifully in a simple yet steamy visualizer that features two would-be lovers on the verge of a kiss, and probably much more. – Richard Villegas

Ed Maverick - “LAGUNAS”

One of the most introspective tracks on his landmark GÉNESIS album, Peso Pluma showcased another side of his musical personality with “LAGUNAS” while remaining true to his brand. The song gets a rework from the norteño master of melancholic balladry Ed Maverick, bringing the sadness of the track to the forefront. Locking in a shuffle beat, Eduardo’s vocals are subdued yet full of emotion as the psychedelic guitars take lift to bring some light to the arrangement. This new version demonstrates the amount of melody and emotion in Doble P’s original. This version reminds us why Ed is a vital voice in today’s Mexican music scene. — Marcos Hassan

107 Faunos - “Promesa Feliz”

New year, new resolutions. Some more viable than others, but only a few are captured in a song like 107 Faunos did on their new single. The Platense band are hard at work finishing their upcoming new album but took some time to give us “Promesa Feliz,” an indie pop track powered by bubbly synth arpeggios and autotune where they promise themselves that on this 2024 (or any year you listen to this track) they’ll shed the anxiety of thinking the world’s going to end the next day — a feeling that has been growing by the day these times. Let’s start the year on this positive, optimistic note. – Cheky

Marki - “SUELO”

Marki’s latest solo single “SUELO” is yet another example of his aptitude for individuality. The artist hailing from Argentina began to seriously create music during the height of the Covid pandemic after growing up with a knack for it as a kid. On “SUELO,” Marki is assured as he rips through verses with his unbelievable flow, reminiscent of early aughts hip-hop. The beat ebbs and flows, courtesy of rising producer Fiyo RFL, offering Marki a vocal reprieve. Your 2024 playlists will go off with a bang thanks to this track. — Chelsea Quezada

Erre - “Sicodelia”

Erre spent most of last year coasting on the word-of-mouth success of his late-2022 indie EP Realengo, plus working on the upcoming sophomore album of trio Los Rarxs. But he managed to get off two heaters in that time — “Pichando” in the summer and now “Sicodelia.” The track is a short but sweet showcase of his rap prowess, all the while riding a psycho-hypnotic beat that gives the song its name. Erre’s fans have long claimed him as one of the Puerto Rican indie scene’s most versatile wordsmiths and he continues to prove their case, weaving an authentic swag with and charisma with his expansive pen. — Juan J. Arroyo