13 New Songs to Listen to This Week From Bad Gyal & Anitta to YANCYABRÍL

Lead Photo: Credit: Fernando J. Peralvo.
Credit: Fernando J. Peralvo.
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This is our weekly compilation of bite-sized reviews of newly released songs by our talented music writers. Discover new favorites, read nuanced criticism of the week’s hottest releases, and much more. Who knows, you might walk out of this with a new fave or two. Some of the featured artists include Bad Gyal, Anitta, and YANCYABRÍL. Follow our playlist featuring these tracks and more on Spotify or Apple Music.

DariO x HipHop Jibarito - “Libre”

From the skate parks of Punta Las Marías to the basketball courts of La Perla, DariO and HipHop Jibarito make numerous stops in their video for “Libre,” the former’s newest single. The song is a fusion of Latin hip-hop and tropical accompaniments, as the two tap into their inner warrior spirit to craft a pleading anthem to protect Puerto Rico’s honor. Bridging the interests of the diaspora and locals, the song insists on aligning behind one message: fight for the island and its people and bring it closer to the freedom they feel it deserves. — Juan J. Arroyo

YANCYABRÍL - “ocean eyes”

With a jazz lounge setting befitting her smoky & silky sound, Dominican-American songstress YANCYABRÍL’s new single “ocean eyes” wastes no time setting the mood. Oscillating between Spanish and English, she croons to an unnamed lover about how he shouldn’t mishandle and risk losing a good thing (her devotion, of course). Her soothing voice meshes well with the dreamy production of the track, fusing R&B, neo-soul, and jazz percussion into a full sonic experience. Two years ago, YANCYABRÍL participated in The Voice Dominicana, earning praise, and now continues demonstrating she has the range and potential to grow into a bona fide star. — Arroyo

Mueran Humanos - “Cadenas de la Infancia”

After nearly 20 years of bone-rattling post-punk, ferocious Argentine duo Mueran Humanos have called it quits. This week, the Berlin-based cult favorites composed of Carmen Burguess and Tomás Nochteff delivered their swan song with a new album titled Reemplazante, a follow-up to 2019’s Hospital Lullabies overrun with contemplative bass lines and stirring synths. The track “Cadenas de la Infancia” beautifully captures this bittersweet transition, as Burgess wails on the chorus “te perdiste en el instante/ahora vuelves al camino;” reassurance that when one road ends, another begins. — Richard Villegas

Kode, Young Cister - “Derrumbándome”

After years of dropping sensual, introspective R&B earworms, Chilean singer and producer Kode has finally unveiled his debut album Estados de Ánimo, chock full of plugg, drum&bass, and even indie rock. While the guest list flexes major star power from the likes of Gianluca and Easykid, it might be his collaboration with trap superstar Young Cister on “Derrumbándome” that truly takes the cake. On the track, the pair pour their hearts out in the wake of a particularly devastating breakup, cathartically spinning out over a twinkling melange of R&B and afrobeats. — Villegas

Bad Gyal, Anitta - “Bota Niña”

Bad Gyal and Anitta’s sensuality is at a peak with this new music video. “Bota Niña,” the Spanish singer’s fourth song on her latest album Lo Joia, features the two alluring vixens singing on top of a fun, twinkling, almost ballerina music box-like reggaeton pop track produced by El Guincho, Gabriel do Borel, LNK, and Danny Wolf. Together, they twerk, lock each other’s enticing eyes, and ooze a Caribbean beach babe fantasy – small bathing suits included. Overall, “Bota Niña” demonstrates two of Brazil and Spain’s most fierce and chingona artists leaving their mark in el movimiento by the hand of their unapologetic sexiness and rhythmic hitmaking talents. — Hernandez

Reyna Tropical - “Conexión Ancestral”

Fabi Reyna’s music is a personal affair. With her project Reyna Tropical, she mixes and matches genres to express whatever she’s feeling at the moment, and for this track, she goes into house music mode. You have the four-on-the-floor beat and the rhythmic keyboard chords that are a staple of the genre, and indeed, “Conexión Ancestral” remains within the boundaries of the house; however, Reyna injects melody and emotion in equal parts through the cracks, making it an intense and sentimental yet subtle experience. “Conexión Ancestral” threads a web of sounds and feelings to weave an amazing work of art. — Marcos Hassan


Diamante Eléctrico - “Déjame Como Me Encontraste”

Diamante Eléctrico is known to bring people to dance no matter what, and “Déjame Como Me Encontraste” is no exception; however, there are some added layers to the emotional intent of the track. This mid-tempo funk song excels at expressing the deep pain of how someone you care about just keeps hurting you. The lyrics are all about being sick and tired of the other person’s games, but the music seems to suggest that there’s still desire at play, thanks to its hip-swing drum parts, deep bass grooves, and the sexy interplay between guitars and keyboards. “Déjame Como Me Encontraste” brings the pain most joyfully. — Hassan 

Pipo Pegoraro - “Bauhaus”

Still fresh from winning a Latin Grammy for his work on Xênia França’s latest album, Em Nome Da Estrela, São Paulo musician and producer Pipo Pegoraro is back to give us a new solo single, the instrumental “Bauhaus.” A hypnotic, fuzzed-out bass line is a train that takes us on a cinematic ride with an ever-changing landscape. From dark tunnels to nighttime synth-drenched melancholy, the song shows Pegoraro’s evocative powers in full effect. — Cheky

Verônica Ferriani - “Cochicho No Silêncio Vira Barulho, Irmã” (ft. Áurea Martins)

Hailing from São Paulo, Verônica Ferriani assembled a spectacular all-women team to participate in every single aspect of her upcoming 20-track double album Cochicho No Silêncio Vira Barulho, Irmã, including 83-year-old Brazilian legend Áurea Martins, who contributes with her voice on the title track. It’s a sparse samba song, a shared language for both artists, that works as an intergenerational dialogue that takes on women’s liberation in the form of poetry, showcasing the contrast between Ferriani’s sweet delivery and Martin’s mature vocals. — Cheky

Esteman, Villano Antillano - “Noches de Verano”

Colombian singer-songwriter Esteman and Puerto Rican powerhouse Villano Antillano are ready to start the summer early. With his latest, “Noche de Verano,” the track captures the endless magic of late summer night rendezvous with a habit of starting on the dancefloor. Between liberating movement to the music to the limitless adventures that take place after hours, Esteman shares finding inspiration “in the midst of hot days [where] the night becomes a refuge for the most curious spirits.” The two iconic LGBTQIA+ artists link up and bring vibrant life to an adventurously queer listening experience that celebrates the bright moments of sensual joy and freedom often found in the darkest hours of past midnight. — Jeanette Diaz

Joaquina - “escapar de mi”

Venezuelan rising star and recipient of a Latin Grammy for best new artist, Joaquina, makes an intimate return with “Escapar de Mi.” The power pop ballad dials back on her pop-punk tendencies, reducing the complexities of the music to allow her captivating and admired vocal talent to take center stage. Like the open pages of her diary, she trades her angst for the vulnerable release of her deepest insecurities around the overthinking-induced and all-to-relatable anxiety of never feeling – enough. The single becomes an all-consuming reflection of our most toxic thoughts that steep in our mind until it builds a cathartic escape that seeks resolve towards finding a way out and back to yourself. — Diaz

Ivan Cornejo - “Baby Please”

Following his history-making Houston Rodeo show, Ivan Cornejo released his newest single, “Baby Please.” The latest sad sierreño offering, produced by Frank Rio, demonstrates Cornejo’s signature sentimental croons backed by minimal guitar strings, bass chords, and a fleeting touch of the violin – which notably adds a unique richness to the song’s música mexicana elements. The song was inspired by “the desperate desire we feel during our lowest moments in a breakup,” which he wholly executes by enthralling the listener into his raw pleading – almost begging – for the opportunity to start over with his ex-lover. — Jeanette Hernandez

Derby Motoreta’s Burrito Kachimba - “Manguara”

“Manguara,” the latest single from Derby Motoreta’s Burrito Kachimba, arrives with a sci-fi-themed video, expanding their creative horizons by merging influences from James Blake with the ambiance of Stranger Things. This track previews their upcoming third LP, Bolsa Amarilla y Piedra Potente, slated for release on April 5th via Universal Music Spain and Primavera Labels. — Joel Moya