Every week, we highlight some of our favorite releases in a handy list. Although we try to cover as much new music as possible, there are so many stellar releases to talk about. Consider this our genre-diverse guide to songs we have on repeat.

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Noa Sainz - "FYT"

From Mexico City, NWLA singer Noa Sainz shows what she can do with a few gauzy threads of R&B. On “FYT,” premiering today on Remezcla, a slight layer of fuzz over the production and silky-smooth vocals are just a little bit distorted, elevating the song into a stylish, neo-minded banger that goes far beyond what you’d expect from your average soul ditty. As she puts it, “it’s about not having enough time to love and not caring about it because there’s always tomorrow.” –Julyssa Lopez


Twin Shadow - "Saturdays" ft. Haim

After a two-year hiatus, our favorite Dominican indie rock god is back at it. “Saturdays” is another rush of 80s-inspired pop from Twin Shadow, with a hook that begs to be belted from the Hollywood Hills. Expect more stadium-sized choruses when Caer drops on April 27. –Isabelia Herrera


Triángulo de Amor Bizarro - "O Isa"

Can a song be both tight and loose? The first cut off the new Triángulo de Amor Bizarro project El Gatopardo combines funky bass and guitars with furious punk speeds and guitar noise, and it’s also hella catchy. Those elements shouldn’t work, but they do here, in a masterful way. –Marcos Hassan


Girl Ultra - "Duele"

Girl Ultra’s ability to be lyrically raw, open, and relatable is what makes her latest run of slow-burning tracks a success. On “Duele,” the Mexican R&B baby diva is all of us when she tells her significant other that it hurts when she can’t meet their expectations. Patience is a gift we all need and not everyone has. –Cheky


Lucrecia Dalt - "Tar"

Colombian avant-garde sorcerer Lucrecia Dalt shows her concept of intimacy on “Tar,” the first single off Anticlines, her debut album on RVNG Intl. Explore every inch of your lover’s skin with Dalt as your guru, and her beats as the minimal backdrop. There’s no backing away in the middle, even if things get weird. –Cheky


VFRO, Diego Raposo, Jonas Mercedes, Funsize - "Chulo Sin H"

Venezuelan producer VFRO and MITEL DICO boss Diego Raposo kick off a run of weekly launches for their Reggaeton Edits series with this frosty, disassembled take on the Jowell & Randy and De La Ghetto hit. The clip throbs with cyber sleek shots, lingering long enough so that you can appreciate their sci-fi poetry. –Caitlin Donohue


Sunset Images - "Roads"

Experimental Mexican noisemakers Sunset Images are back with an eerie new video for their song “Roads,” the latest single off 2017’s brutal Obscure Daze LP. Immersive and meandering, this shoegaze-influenced meditation pairs perfectly with the bleak black-and-white clip, shot last year while the band toured Japan, providing a hypnotic backdrop to the song’s despondent collision of sadness and guitar feedback. –Richard Villegas


Cheo y Ulises Hadjis - “Piensa en mí”

Former Los Amigos Invisibles member Cheo (aka DJ Afro) and fellow Venezuelan singer-songwriter Ulises Hadjis joined forces to create an album’s worth of gorgeous, heartfelt guitar-led gems, like their latest single “Piensa en mí.” When you’re lying in bed thinking about the things you said and left unsaid, and your insecurities kick in, play this tune. You’re not alone. –Cheky


Trajano! - "Afilador"

After so many years of 80s post-punk rehashes, it takes a special touch to inhabit the darkness and inventiveness of the genre in a fresh way. Trajano! does a great job of playing that type of music in all its gothic glory, while also making it catchy and existential at the same time…just like the OGs. –Marcos Hassan


Maff - "Hawaii"

The bass and drum combo makes you feel at home, but it’s the distortion and three-note keyboard riff at the end of the verses that steals the show. “Hawaii” is a melancholic jam to bump if you feel like crying on the dance floor. “Hawaii” will appear on the Chilean quartet’s forthcoming second album Melañiña. –Marcos Hassan


Cerrero - "Cuando Canto Grito" (ft. Lucía Pulido)

An adaptation of the poem “Las Mujeres Que Cuando Cantan” by María Paz Guerrero, “Cuando Canto Grito” fuses dub with Andean and Colombian pop music. Pulido’s voice is the perfect vessel for the emotion of the music and lyrics, but also brings perfect balance to Cerrero’s sound. –Marcos Hassan


Hez - "Destruido"

Everything you could want from punk is present in “Destruido.” Ugly-ass production, uglier-ass vocals, guitars like blenders chopping different shapes of glass, and *just* enough artistry to hold it all together. Two seconds shy of being two and a half minutes long, this Panamanian band delivers quite the epic track. –Marcos Hassan


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