12 New Songs You Need to Hear This Week

Lead Photo: Art by Alan Lopez for Remezcla
Art by Alan Lopez for Remezcla
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Every week, we highlight some of our favorite releases in a handy list. Although we try to cover as much new music as possible, there are so many stellar releases to talk about. Consider this our genre-diverse guide to songs we have on repeat.

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Las Nubes - "QSW"

Miami-based queer power-pop band Las Nubes just released “QSW,” a fuzzy, dirty jam indebted to the canons of The Pixies and Mint Field. Las Nubes will be releasing a new album on Sweat Records later this year, so look out for grungy new sonic tides out of the 305. –Richard Villegas


LaBaq - “Miedo”

Brazilian singer-songwriter and guitar oracle LaBaq just dropped her second full-length album, Lux, in which she dives into deep, avant-garde waters. While most of the album’s compositions vacillate between asymmetrical melodies and experimental rumination, on “Miedo,” LaBaq invites friends Fármacos, Camila Vaccaro, and more to join a chant of liberation, where the light of music can vanquish all our fears. –Richard Villegas


Makenna – “Nemesis”

Mexican producer BrunOG has long been a superstar of the local indie and hip-hop underground, but one of his glossiest and lesser-known projects to date is Makenna, a supergroup formed alongside his sisters Nina and Maia. Their latest single is “Nemesis,” a dose of playful bubblegum pop built on cheeky vocals and restrained production that will bring a danceable sugar rush straight to your ears. –Richard Villegas


Un Rêve - "Mientras Caía Junto a Luciérnagas" ft. Mar De Sombra

A disintegrating piano loop shapes most of “Mientras Caía Junto a Luciérnagas,” luring listeners to let their guards down and soak in the vulnerability of Mar de Sombra’s vocals. This track from the Mexico City producer paints a delicate picture of cold spring nights; each intervening synth resembles a brushstroke dragging across a canvas, and we can hear color come to life. –Marcos Hassan


Cruz De Navajas - "Prioridad"

From the first guitar note to the last downstroke, you can practically see the spiderwebs and candelabra in the house where Cruz de Navajas live. “Prioridad” doesn’t stray too far from this CDMX/Oakland trio’s previous music, but they’ve found a way to construct goth music that sounds both elegant and desperate, like the best post-punk should. “Prioridad” will have you heading to your nearest graveyard to dance. –Marcos Hassan


Rakta - "Fim Do Mundo"

With the release of their new album Falha Comum, São Paulo’s Rakta have transitioned into something equal parts mysterious and beautiful. “Fim Do Mundo” forgoes their death rock tendencies, allowing the band to run wild with chants, dub-like soundscapes, and hypnotic riffs. The sensorial vibe of this experimental piece is so strong, it’s likely that Rakta tapped into some unknown primordial energy. –Marcos Hassan


Jona Camacho - “Está Bn”

You might think Jona Camacho’s “Está Bn” is a track made for seduction, but it quickly unravels into a story of heartbreak and resignation. With gentle Rhodes strokes and a lush string arrangement, the Colombian R&B singer-songwriter digs deep inside and finds the strength to realize his love is lost. We just want to give him a big hug. –Cheky


Tayrell - “My Luck” (ft. Virgina Palms)

“My Luck,” one of the singles Tayrell just released before dropping their upcoming debut album Shapes, sounds like Air suddenly took a shot of soulful electronic R&B. We float with the track’s weightless production, and guest singer Virginia Palms’ breathy lament drifts through the clouds, making this a bittersweet ride. –Chey


Le Parody - “El Junco”

Four years after releasing her last album, Andalusian singer and producer Le Parody returns with a darker, more experimental POV on “El Junco.” Creating a sonic thunderstorm with dramatic, auto-tune-soaked vocals and an incessant techno beat, she sweeps us right off our feet, and in the end, we come out stronger, just as she does in her powerful lyrics. –Cheky


Breakfast N Vegas ft. RioLoz - "Ahora Sabes"

Maybe you remember duo Breakfast N Vegas (aka DJ Yonny and Curtis Austin) from last February’s Bad Bunny, Tory Lanez, and Messiah collab “Give It Up,” featuring mini versions of the emcees spitting game in NYC basketball courts? This time around, they’re back and they’re trap (in fact, it’s the debut single for future album Trapical) with up-and-coming Colombian rapper RioLoz, who delivers crisp bilingual verses that pay homage to Cali girls and daily miracles. –Caitlin Donohue


Sonido Berzerk & Wildkatz - "Cremas"

Two multi-talented producers bridged the Veracruz-Monterrey gap to weave bass, guaracha, Mexican tribal, and baile funk into a track complex enough to leave you with a relaxed buzz and a smooth hip sway. –Caitlin Donohue


Shelow Shaq, Topo La Maskara - "3 Minutos"

Judging by the first 10 seconds of this video, my mom would likely call this “música de Satanás.” But regardless of its hellish exterior, Shelow Shaq’s “3 Minutos” is a dark trapbow blast. In this tiradera directed at Quimico Ultra Mega and Lápiz Conciente, Shelow spits viciously over three beat changes, even dragging Lápiz’s abuela into the beef. By the end of the track, we can almost feel Shelow’s saliva through our headphones. –Isabelia Herrera


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