Every week, we highlight some of our favorite releases in a handy list. Although we try to cover as much new music as possible, there are so many stellar releases to talk about. Consider this our genre-diverse guide to songs we have on repeat.

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Melii - "Shit Talk"

The Harlem dominicana is back with a speaker-knocking warning for anyone who thought she couldn’t follow up on the bars she dropped off in her viral hit “Icey.” Check the video for some luxe outfits and a DR flag backdrop. Catch me yelling “si te quilla, ven ponte en la fila” at the club for the foreseeable future. –Isabelia Herrera


The Marías - "Cariño"

The frontperson for The Marías, María herself, says visuals from the SoCal band generally take a page from Pedro Almodóvar’s taste for the perfect frame. “If you were to screenshot any of the movies he’s done, every single picture or every single scene could be a still image and it would just be amazing,” she told us last year. Certainly the video for “Cariño” has its cinematic moments. But you will most likely be left with the wistful, loose guitars and sweet drawl of the singer long after the pops of red ruffles in the Hollywood Hills fade. –Caitlin Donohue

Jarina de Marco - "Bilingual"

We’ve all ended up wallowing in self-pity after a break-up, but Jarina de Marco’s latest single “Bilingual” is a tribute to ride-or-die friends ready to provide emotional support and pull you out of your sulking state. On the autobiographical track, the Dominican indie pop diva confidently declares “bilingual, newly single” – which might be our new summer mantra – followed by a scene where a friend picks her up off the kitchen floor and points her to the schools of fish still in the sea. –Richard Villegas


Luis Baumann - "De Mi"

Buenos Aires musician Luis Baumann dresses his emotional musings in a folksy coat. “De Mi” features fingerpicked guitars and harmonicas with a distinctive flavor. The lo-fi production adds to the charm, setting an intimate stage for Baumann to speak directly to the listener, confiding in them like an old friend on the other end of a phone call. –Marcos Hassan


Noah Pino Palo - "Otro Día +"

Monterrey foursome Noah Pino Palo end their new Fino EP with “Otro Día +,” where they use music to represent the feeling of crossing the days off a calendar while not seeing your dreams come to fruition. With a hollow, repetitive vocoded title, the song’s emotive chords and mellow beat aren’t meant to keep you in a funk, but to propel you to action. Go get what you want now. –Cheky


Rubio - "La Llamada" ft. Gianluca

After the shocking news that Chile’s Miss Garrison were going on an indefinite hiatus, it became clear that prolific multi-instrumentalist Fran Straube was doubling down on her ever intriguing solo project, Rubio. Her latest release, featuring underground trap star Gianluca, might be the unlikeliest collaboration of the summer, yet the track’s robust and atmospheric production sets the stage for both artists to shine on this silky trip-hop gem. –Richard Villegas


Andrés Landon - "Piña Colada"

A glossy hip-hop beat, vivid synth work, and the deepest 808 kicks are the ingredients in “Piña Colada,” Latin Grammy Award winner Andrés Landon’s antidote to jealousy. If the image of you sipping a tropical drink while haters eat their hearts out doesn’t cut it for you, then get lost in the smoothest sax solo you’ll hear this week – or probably this year. –Cheky


Lechuga Zafiro - "Agua y Puerta"

The moistest EP of the year award goes to this yung Salviatek boss. Through his Testigo project, a stream snakes that laps up against the metallic rim shots of the Uruguayan producer’s trademark club dystopia. “Agua y Puerta” sounds like it is built off of a series of small objects falling into shallow waves, daring late nighters to find a way to dance underwater. –Caitlin Donohue


Pabllo Vittar - "Problema Seu"

Brazilian drag queen superstar Pabllo Vittar is back with a sexy new single bursting with sticky afrobeats and big horn arrangements. Yet another surefire hit under the global phenomenon’s belt, “Problema Seu” is a banger tailor-made for empowered baddies to let their naughtiness hang out on a crowded dance floor. –Richard Villegas


Edgar Mondragón - "Crisálida"

After the disbandment of Mondragón as a four-piece outfit, Mexico City producer Edgar Mondragón’s solo career has taken a sharp turn into ambient structures and a fascination with film scores. His new EP Pleamar presents the next chapter in his sonic evolution, filled with gauzy tracks like “Crisálida,” which packs an unusually danceable punch in such cerebral oeuvre. –Richard Villegas


Holed Coin - "La Vela"

Beginning sparsely and meditative, “La Vela” is a dance song that will surprise you minute after minute. They’re not turn-of-a-coin shockers, but unexpected musical motifs that should go one way, but somehow trot a parallel course. The results are like a dream in which surreal elements collide to make you feel blissfully at peace. –Marcos Hassan


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