9 New Songs You Need to Hear This Week

Lead Photo: Art by Alan Lopez for Remezcla
Art by Alan Lopez for Remezcla
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Every week, we highlight some of our favorite releases in a handy list. Although we try to cover as much new music as possible, there are so many stellar releases to talk about. Consider this our genre-diverse guide to songs we have on repeat.

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STEFA* - "negra más linda"

Colombian-American vocal experimentalist STEFA* is slowly but powerfully building her profile in the NYC indie universe. She performed with Balún and Los Wálters at a recent sold out Rough Trade show in Brooklyn, and now she has our attention with “negra más linda,” a delicate cut off her forthcoming EP Sepalina. The track is an ode to womxn and Mother Earth, radiating love and healing energy through STEFA*’s intricately woven vocal harmonies. “I wanted to create something beautiful out of all these complex, uncomfortable histories and show that there can be healing through the process of understanding where and what we come from,” she told Remezcla. –Richard Villegas


Planeta No - "Peligro"

Summoning all the might of Chile’s indie pop pantheon, Planeta No have returned with one of their most danceable bangers to date. “Peligro,” the first taste of their upcoming album, is a white-hot dance floor anthem dedicated to exes that haunt us, regardless of how much time and distance we put between each other. –Richard Villegas


KAINA - “f*cked up”

“f*cked up” is the new slow-burning R&B single from Chicago’s KAINA. Breathy and dripping with longing, KAINA’s evocative vocals are an emotional mirror. Whether you hear a sultry come-hither tune or a stirring ode to regret, “f*cked up” will likely reflect your mood for the day. –Richard Villegas


CLUBZ - "Palmeras"

Completely in line with their previous single “Templos,” Monterrey duo Clubz‘s latest track “Palmeras” is yet another smooth and funky throwback with velvety sax melodies, now with a hint of a disco. Here, they surrender to the allure of a secret romance, loving in secret behind the palm trees, and they’re making us live the fantasy. –Cheky


Gala Brie - “Parece que fue ayer”

Fast-rising Peruvian-Brazilian artist Gala Brie just dropped her new single “Parece que fue ayer,” and anyone who is or has been in an unbalanced, toxic relationship will identify with it. When the pristine pop song reaches the chorus, it feels like a tidal wave of relief; finally, you can leave behind everything that has been holding you back. –Cheky


La Favi - "Venganza"

Happily, for fans of La Favi’s full-throated, angelic vocals, the California reggaetonera has returned with a new video. With “Venganza,” she’s drawn a warm bath, a floating, bittersweet tribute to a San Francisco Bay Area that’s done gone and changed on her. –Caitlin Donohue


IQ94 - "When The Atoms Fail"

It would be confusing to call “When The Atoms Fail” a slow burn, considering the frenetic footwork rhythms featured in the intro, but as the song goes on, the calm starts to slip into the atmosphere only to recede once again, this time into a dance frenzy. Chile’s Matías Olea shows a crack in the door, which opens to an exciting future in this already exhilarating genre. –Marcos Hassan


Los Años Rojos - "Disconforme"

The Latinx power pop canon was lacking an anthem for those who are never quite at ease with any situation in a relationship, until now. From the jump, the La Plata, Argentina quintet bash their guitar chords like the Ramones, but inject them a sudden sweetness, eventually leading to a break featuring violin strings. It’s wonderfully disorienting and irresistible. –Marcos Hassan


Alizzz - "Flex"

Over the last year, Spanish producer Alizzz has been busy cooking up beats for C.Tangana’s explosive career, and we’ve missed his mind-warping solo instrumentals. “Flex” is a ghostly, nocturnal tune with spectral traces of baile funk. You won’t have to wait till October for 24/7 Halloween vibes. –Isabelia Herrera


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