5 Reasons Keylor Navas Should Stay At Real Madrid

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Is there a goalie who has had a better season this year than Real Madrid’s Tico goalkeeping phenom Keylor Navas? Despite his decisive performances helping Zinedine Zidane’s side fight for the chance of being crowned European champions in Milan on May 28 for the 11th time, once again there are rumors that president Florentino Pérez will take a go at buying David De Gea from Manchester United.

Florentino hasn’t learned his lesson. Remember this and this? Here are five reasons Keylor should stay at Madrid.


He's statistically better than Iker Casillas.

In his only year as a starter at Madrid, Keylor received an average of 0.68 goals per game, better than Iker Casillas’ best year in his long history with the club (0.75 goals per game). One year after, he has become one of the best goalkeepers in Real Madrid’s history having conceded just 0.82 goals per game – the best average in 20 years.


He's the penalty kick king.

From 15 penalty kicks that were shot against him this season, only seven ended inside the net; that’s 47 percent in a league that averages 75 percent.


He's the Champions League token.

Keylor did not receive a single goal during home games in the Champions League season, something that was essential to taking Madrid to the final.


He's liked by fans and players alike.

Earlier this season, it seemed like the De Gea transfer was a fact. Thanks to faulty fax machines it didn’t happen, but this didn’t stop the Madrid fans from chanting “Keylor, Keylor!” at the stadium, and this was before a shitload of his great saves. Now add the fact that Madrid captain Sergio Ramos said Keylor had filled the hole left by Iker very well.


Madrid will save a lot of money.

RM have to pay Manchester United $55 million if they get De Gea, plus $6.7 million in salary each year. If Keylor stays, he will probably make around $4.4 million, and Madrid will have to pay De Gea $12.3 million for breaking a promise to book him this summer. If my math is correct, that’s a shitload of money to get another player who they actually need.