Mexican Freestyle Rapper Aczino Becomes First Two-Time Red Bull Batalla Champion

Lead Photo: Photo by Aldara Zarraoa/Getty Images.
Photo by Aldara Zarraoa/Getty Images.
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Mauricio Hernández, best known by his rap name Aczino, is the 2021 Red Bull Batalla champion and the first two-time champion in the competition’s history.

The Mexican freestyle rapper, who won the international contest in 2017, took home the title this past Saturday (December 11) after beating out 15 competitors at the rap battle in Viña del Mar, Chile. For the Finals, it came down to Aczino and 2016 champion and Spanish rapper José Miguel Manzano Bazalo, AKA Skone.

“Being the first double champion is a dream I’ve had for a while,” Aczino said. “It’s one of the most exciting and important moments of my career and my life, and I dedicate it to my family, who couldn’t be here.”

This year was the 15th anniversary of the competition, and the first time it was held in person since the COVID-19 pandemic started. Approximately 5,000 people watched the event inside La Quinta Vergara.

As the only two-time Red Bull Batalla champion, along with all his other freestyle accolades, Aczino has separated himself from his competition.

He’s also being referred to on social media as the GOAT of freestyle rappers.

After the Finals, Aczino told Hola! that he has become a successful freestyle rapper because of his family. He remembers his father took him to his first competitions even though his parents wanted him to focus on his academics instead.

“When I was young, my parents used to tell me to study because the entertainment industry is not very stable, but after seeing how passionate I am and how focused I am, they supported me,” he said. “I couldn’t be here without them.”

See Aczino and Skone go head-to-head in the Red Bull Batalla Final below.