Red Bull Batalla 2022 Reveals U.S. Details – Here’s the 411

Lead Photo: Photo courtesy Red Bull Content Pool
Photo courtesy Red Bull Content Pool
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This year’s Red Bull Batalla 2022 season is well underway! Today (June 7), the world’s largest Spanish-language freestyle competition revealed its U.S. competitors and their full season schedule. Also announced is the participation of their first-ever female MC and the U.S. qualifier battle judges. Here’s the 411 of what’s to come during the remainder of the year.

If you’re keeping up with Red Bull Batalla, you may know that over 7,000 aspiring MCs applied through the Red Bull Batalla app, which reached nine countries. As for the U.S., 32 applicants were chosen to advance to the next round, including their first-ever female MC participant, Mykah. This advancement involves qualifier competitions in Dallas on July 16 and L.A. on July 30, judged by the U.S.’ two-time Red Bull Batalla National Champion Yartzi and the popular Argentinian freestyler Cacha.

Here’s our nation’s schedule rundown: 13 finalists will be chosen to advance to the U.S. final from the qualifier competitions in Dallas and L.A. The U.S. final round will take place in Miami on Oct. 8. During this final, the MCs will compete with the three returning finalists from 2021 — Reverse, McBetho, and Eckonn. This will determine who will win the U.S. title and who will proceed to the global Red Bull Batalla World Final this Dec. in Mexico City.


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At the World Final, nine countries including the U.S., Mexico, Spain, and Colombia, will compete to see who will win this year’s Red Bull Batalla 2022. The Red Bull Batalla: Reencuentro documentary was released to get hyped for the event, where fans can relive last year’s season. 

Are you ready for this year’s battles? We can’t wait to see what the most exciting MCs all over the globe have in store for us this year!

The 32 U.S. competitors are: 

RuRA from Las Vegas, NV.

MAGIMBRI from San Antonio, TX.

$PIT0NE from Los Angeles, CA. 

STEVE from Los Angeles, CA.  

JAHN ALENÓ from Ponce, Puerto Rico. 

MYKAH from San Diego, CA. 

EL DILEMA from New York City, NY.

SNOW QLQ from Denver, CO. 

ZEMOST from Miami, FL.

MACÍAS from Colorado Springs, CO. 

PEDRO FIT from New Jersey, NJ.

WARI from Providence, RI. 

OUTLAW from San Juan, Puerto Rico.

LA EMINENCIA from New York Mills, NY. 

NICO B from Miami, FL.

TEZZER from Miami, FL. 

LINK ONE from Caguas, Puerto Rico.

LUIS ALENÓ from Ponce, Puerto Rico.

WHITE CARACAS from Houston, TX. 

MONTGOMERY from El Paso, TX. 

MICKY RINCON from San Antonio, TX. 

PAILOT from Durant, OK. 

ADONYS from New York City, NY.

ADONYSX from New York, NY. 

OG FRASES from Miami, FL. 

JAYCO from New York City, NY. 

EL POETA from Phoenix, AZ. 

BOSS from Los Angeles, CA. 

JUNDER N from Tampa, FL. 

EL DOMI from Orlando, FL. 

HEAVY from Miami Beach, FL. 

CHESTER from San Diego, CA.