Anitta’s ‘Versions Of Me’ Is Finally Out & Already Breaking Records

Lead Photo: Photo by Marco Ovando.
Photo by Marco Ovando.
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The international Brazilian pop artist Anitta’s new trilingual album Versions Of Me is finally out (April 12) – and it further proved that she deserves to be our next global pop star. In the sonically-diverse Versions Of Me, she included a little bit of everything: reggaeton, R&B, Brazilian funk, and electro-pop, delivering a well-executed pop album that we’ve been missing these days. What a musical chameleon! 


The highly anticipated album starts off with “Envolver,” which right now is the highest-charting all-Spanish language solo track by a female in Billboard’s Hot 100 history. That immediately sets the upbeat tone for “Gata” featuring Chencho Corleone, which is one of the album’s highlights that converts an already hype reggaeton track to a certified club song by switching to a faster BPM at the last minute.


The third track, “I’d Rather Have Sex,” embodies Anitta’s unapologetic sensuality in an electronic track that could pass as if it was made during the genre’s peak. With pop tracks such as the bubblegum electro track “Boys Don’t Cry,” and the tiptoeing-sounding “Love You,” Anitta demonstrates her ability to serve banger after banger. Other highlights of the album include the R&B track “Ur Baby” featuring Khalid and “Love Me, Love Me” which shows a deeper, sentimental version of the artist.


Twitter users are ecstatic about the star’s album release, which is now crowned the highest-charting album by a Brazilian artist in the U.S. Itunes history. With collaborations with other incredible artists such as Cardi B, YG, Ty Dolla $ign, Afro B, Saweetie, Papatinho, MC Kevin o Chris, Mr. Catra – it’s hard not to press replay on Versions Of Me.

It’s without a doubt that Versions Of Me gives us the type of bops that we need to get through our days – in a careless, dancing, and upbeat mood. A Twitter user says in Portuguese: “In love with the new album by  @Anitta. ‘I’d Rather Have Sex’ and ‘Versions of Me’ are my favorites, they’re already-made hits.”

What an impressive way to start off her Coachella week. And let’s not forget that she also dropped her SHEIN collaboration this weeksheesh, just like her song, the “Envolver” singer is everywhere! 

Versions Of Me is out now.