Anuel AA was only released from prison a little over two weeks ago, but he’s already catching up from the lost time he spent locked up. The Puerto Rican rapper has nabbed a no. 1 Latin album on the Billboard charts and announced an upcoming remix of summer smash “Te Boté” with denim boot-loving Jennifer Lopez.

As expected, Anuel is now embracing his free time. On Wednesday, the Real Hasta La Muerte artist played basketball with controversial boxer Floyd Mayweather, whose undefeated record and antics in the ring often got more press than his troubling history of domestic violence. The pair was spotted playing a pickup game with a few friends at a Miami gym. Anuel posted a photo with the retired boxer, writing, “I couldn’t even win one game against this cabrón. He doesn’t lose anything, including basketball!”

On Thursday, Anuel shared a behind-the-scenes clip of the game on Instagram with a heartfelt message about his newfound freedom. “Seventeen days ago, I was in my cell laying down, talking to God, and saying goodbye to my brothers that were still in prison, and now I have the no. 1 album on the Billboard [charts] and yesterday I was playing ball with Floyd Mayweather. GOD IS REAL!!!!! I think the best thing that ever happened to me was being in prison hahahahhaha but either way, I’m never going back.”

The Latin trap titan is expected to go on tour with longtime friend Ozuna as soon as his probation is up.

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