Are Bad Bunny & Drake Dropping a New Collaboration Soon?

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla.
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla.
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Is there a new Bad Bunny and Drake collaboration on the way? Yesterday (July 25), the Canadian rapper reposted Benito’s newest Instagram photo, which has social media users questioning the possibility of an upcoming joint track.

The rumor started yesterday when the Puerto Rican icon posted a photo dump on Instagram with the words “hola <3 espero que anden bien.” The photo series include selfies with a cowboy hat, flowers in cowboy boots, and a sunset. Other photos feature a deer, a national forest, and him at a fair. However, the photo that caught eagle-eyed fans was one with a sign that reads “Beware of the dog.” The same photo was reposted by Drake on his Instagram stories, with no further commentary from either artist. Yet Drake fans know his upcoming album will be named For All the Dogs, which has them buzzing about a potential clue on what’s coming next.

Based on that move alone, social media users are conversing online about the possibility of a new collaboration from the duo. Some social media users are imagining how epic a new joint track would be. A Twitter user wrote: “bad bunny n drake on another song together is gonna heal me.” Another Twitter user commented: “Drake x Bad bunny we’re not ready 🥵🔫.”

On the other hand, some social media users aren’t as excited about the potential collab. A Twitter user wrote: “If I see a Bad Bunny feature on Drake’s album, respectfully, I’m hitting skip with the swiftness.” Another social media user said: “I’m sure Bad Bunny is cool or whatever but this is NOT the type of Drake album I was talking bout.”

Others are recognizing Benito’s musical impact. “i respect tf out of Bad Bunny man. he landed on Utopia and he finna be on Drake new album too? They be in the studio letting him cook like ‘idk what he saying but he going crazy fr.’” 

This wouldn’t be the first time Bad Bunny would work with Drake. The two prominent artists released “MIA” back in 2018 as part of Benito’s debut album X 100pre. They were also part of PARTYNEXTDOOR’s “LOYAL” official remix