WATCH: Travis Scott Taps in Bad Bunny & The Weeknd for ‘K-POP’

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla.
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla.
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Update 7/21: “K-POP” now has an official music video. Directed by Travis Scott, the video starts by showing La Flame in a stadium with racing bikes. It’s followed by frames of him dancing to the rhythmic tune alone in the middle of the stadium. We then see Bad Bunny in a dimly lit room, laying down his verse, surrounded by people dancing and enjoying their time. Other shots show Scott on a yacht, making his way to a futuristic house. The next frames feature Scott and The Weeknd grooving to the new track together. 

Moreover, SZA and Pharrell make a guest appearance toward the end of the video. To wrap things up, the visuals zooms in as Scott eats spaghetti in an empty stadium.

Check out the music video for “K-POP” below.

It’s finally out! “K-POP,” the highly-anticipated collaboration featuring Bad Bunny, Travis Scott, and The Weeknd, was finally released tonight (July 20). The result? A rhythmic bass-heavy track about memories, love, and sex.

The new audio starts with La Flame’s distinguished auto-tuned vocals, rapping about a heartfelt memory. He says: “I said I can’t forget about that place we went / Right after you put that in my head / Do you still pop ’em? Do you dance? / Do you still drop some? Know you can / I cried a lot, but I’m still dancin’.” 

Benito comes in with the same reminiscing sentiment, rapping about not seeing someone for a long time: “I haven’t seen you in a while, eh / It’s just that I don’t even hang out in MIA anymore [Hace tiempo no te veo, eh / Es que ahora en MIA ni jangueo].” Next comes The Weeknd, singing about mixing drugs with pain. We hear the song’s title as he sings: “You know I’m high off the K-POP.” The audio then wraps up with Benitos’ iconic “yeah, yeah” adlibs. 

Some fans are already praising the new project. One fan wrote: “Bad Bunny, The Weeknd and Travis Scott in ‘KPOP,’” paired with a picture of three goats. Another Twitter user commented: “Travis Scott, Bad Bunny, and The Weeknd are simply the goats together.”

“K-POP” is part of Scott’s upcoming album UTOPIA. To hype up the long-awaited album, Scott announced that he will air a live stream from the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt on July 28. Though Bad Bunny hasn’t confirmed his attendance, it could be possible he’ll be present since “K-POP” is expected to be part of UTOPIA.

What else do we know about Scott’s upcoming album? Scott said the album is “something that people feel is so far-fetched and out of reach, some perfect state of mind.” “But you create it yourself,” the rapper said. “There are people who achieve Utopia every day. They may not be the richest people with the dopest cribs, but it’s a utopia wherever they are, and that’s the most you can have.”

On the other hand, Benito is lying low with his upcoming music releases. Prior to “K-POP,” he released “WHERE SHE GOES.” As far as The Weeknd goes, he worked and starred on The Idol’s soundtrack. 

Listen to “K-POP” below: