Are Kenia Os & Junior H Collaborating Soon? Here’s What We Know

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla.
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla.
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Is a collaboration between Kenia Os and Junior H on the horizon? On Apr. 22, El Podcast del Momento talked to the Mexican pop star about a potential joint track – and fans are thrilled about the idea.

The subject came up when the hosts and the artist talked about her experimenting outside her usual pop genre. The “Malas Decisiones” singer told the hosts, drag queens Turbulence and La Burrita Burrona, that she has dabbled in corridos tumbados but wasn’t a hit. She said it was more for her fans and the media, who would always ask about tapping into the genre since she’s from Sinaloa – a Mexican state known for música mexicana, especially banda. However, she says she’s open to experimenting with the genre again, maybe with a more pop touch.

“I was talking to Junior H a little while ago, and we were seeing if we could make a track and we want to see if we can meet in Los Angeles to put the collab together,” she said about a possible collaboration. “So there are opportunities and more, but for me, it’s super important that the song is for both of us.” She then elaborated, saying how they would have to find a middle point for both artists. 

Though the collaboration is not official, social media users are already excited about the potential music.

Last year, fans asked Kenia if she knew Junior H on a live video. She said she wasn’t familiar with his music but knew he was a popular artist in the corridos tumbados realm. At the time, she said she would love to collaborate with him.

Moreover, in the new interview, she also mentioned Mazatlán, Sinaloa’s recent banda controversy, saying that her people are passionate about banda. “Something that we love is regional [music]. We love banda. If you go to Mazatlan, and you’re going to party big, you know you are going to end up on the beach at 7 in the morning with the banda,” she said.

She continued: “I mean it is part of the tourist [attraction]; it is part of the people… it is tradition. And they can’t take banda away from us, and they’re not going to take banda away from us.”

Kenia Os’ new album, Pink Aura, is out this week (Apr. 24). 

Check out the full episode with Kenia Os below.