As we reported on Monday morning, Aventura just announced their first U.S. tour in over 10 years. And while the seven date tour includes cities like Los Angeles, Boston, D.C. and Miami, many fans took to their social media to express their dismay of New York City’s exclusion on the announced dates.


The Bronx-bred band, comprised of Romeo Santos, Henry Santos, Lenny Santos and Max Santos made their name by taking the sounds of Dominican bachata that were (and still are) ubiquitous with uptown New York, and updating them to encompass other influences they grew up with, including hip-hop and R&B.

It’s this deep connection with New York City – and particularly uptown – that has fans wondering why the band seemingly chose to leave their own hometown off from their upcoming tour.


But other fans were also quick to point out the three day gap between the Boston and Washington D.C. dates – speculating that there may yet be a surprise in store.


If we’ve learned anything from watching Romeo Santos’ career, is that the self-proclaimed king of bachata loves to revel in theatrics, and truly takes joy in giving fans some of the most extra announcements in the game.

We wouldn’t give up hope just yet. In the meantime, pásanos la hookah, and let’s wait this out.