This 9-Year-Old’s Bad Bunny-Themed Birthday Will Put Your Parties to Shame

Lead Photo: Art by Alan Lopez for Remezcla
Art by Alan Lopez for Remezcla
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It’s official: Bad Bunny is now the inspiration for elaborate children’s birthday parties. We’ve seen everything from Selena– and Cardi B-themed fêtes, and now El Conejo Malo is inspiring tiny fans to celebrate their birthdays Bad Bunny style.

That’s the case for 9-year-old Kalil Rivera Torres, who told his mother that he wanted a celebration inspired by the X100PRE artist. The party included a Conejo Malo-themed cake, cookies, and even a full-size cardboard cutout of Benito himself. As a professional illustrator and the owner of Katy’s Art & Drawing, Katy Torres, Kalil’s mother, created the decorations herself. “For me, it was a challenge to create this artwork and these decorations, since it’s my passion,” she told Puerto Rican outlet El Vocero. “I produced the decorations and artwork myself. It took me several days to create them, since I had other decorations at the same time. And [I had] the help of friends and colleagues, who created shirts, cookies, and the cake,” she told El Vocero. The decorations even included a rendition of Bad Bunny’s signature third eye, which appeared on the cover of X100PRE and was originally designed by Boricua illustrator Sergio Vazquez.

To top it all off, Kalil even wore a Benito costume, sporting a similarly impressive head of graphics, mirrored sunglasses, and a T-shirt that reads, “El dinero a mi me llueve.”

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