On early Tuesday afternoon, Bad Bunny issued a warning: “I think I’m going to tweet more than usual today.”

And that’s exactly what he did.

The young misbehaved conejo took to Twitter to discuss everything from self-love, happiness, and practicing safe sex. But of all the topics he decided to tackle on Tuesday, fans were most surprised by his vehement support of body hair. It all started when he declared he doesn’t shave his legs: “I said it! If you don’t like it, go to hell,” he wrote.


A few hours later, he proclaimed that women shouldn’t shave their pubic hair in a short thread. The Latin trap star suggested that if your partner doesn’t like pubic hair, you should dump them. “What the fuck is this slavery of having to shave yourself every time you see someone? Sometimes there’s not enough time,” he wrote. Bad Bunny then asked what people did before having sex in the 70s, when shaving your pubic hair was unpopular.



Fans started freaking out about El Conejo Malo’s tweetstorm, thanking him for starting a conversation on the no-shave movement. Let’s just hope he workshops some of those objectifying lyrics next.

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