Ahead of Bad Bunny’s X100PRE album release last year, he took to Instagram to break the silence on the delay of his debut LP, and spilled some tea that went largely unnoticed in the conversation around his formal introduction. “Ya no soy parte de Hear This Music,” he said sporting a Santa Claus hat (lest we forget the fact that he tried to outdo baby Jesus). “Tampoco es que estoy en guerra con ellos.” But, he says they were responsible for the massive delay in his album’s arrival. It was due to their lack of support, he claims, that he was unable to drop it sooner.

“I’m bad Bunny. I produce all my music … I mentioned Mambo Kingz and DJ Luian [on my tracks] because they were a part [of it] but they didn’t make my music,” he added.

DJ Luian, a top producer and third of Mambo Kingz, clearly disagreed. He spoke about their estranged relationship, and his alleged part in Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio’s success just last month. “He’s working on his music, and I mine,” he said dryly when a Telemundo host asked him about their working relationship’s current standing. “Do you have words of gratitude for Bad Bunny?” the host nudged.

“I think they’d have to be from him towards me,” he declared.

Although the tension between the two is palpable, the two seem to have something in the works, according to Spiff who shared a 20 second teaser audio recording of the trap song they may or may not be brewing.

One commenter said in Spanish “Nothing surprises. Money rules … money makes peace … and war.”

What do you guys think? Should daddy and dad get back together? Even if just for a night?