Ñejo Calls Sebastian Yatra a “Fresita” & Shoots Down Collab Ideas

Lead Photo: Photo courtesy of the artist
Photo courtesy of the artist
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Over the last year, Ñejo has collaborated with the likes of Bad Bunny, PJ Sin Suela, Cauty, Miky Woodz, Ecko, Guaynaa and Eladio Carrion. Though the 44-year-old Puerto Rican reggaeton artist, originally from Ñejo y Dálmata, is clearly not averse to working with new blood, he’s pretty much a conformist when it comes to his sound. He’s figured out what works (for him) and plans on sticking to that.

In a now-deleted or expired video stream, perhaps unfortunately for him (and hilariously for us) captured for extended life by Rapeton, we see El Broko phone a friend (or 2.3 million of them, rather). “Una consulta… Sebastian Yatra? Ese cabrón… grabó con ese?” he starts off calmly before aggressively stroking his beard and getting real with it. “I don’t see myself recording with him… es como que muy fresita,” he says. “I’ve heard that that [guy] stuck because he has money and pays everyone. If he pays me, I’ll record. Si no, que se mame un bicho.”

He then does the “No offense but I’m about to offend you” bit, and says “I don’t think my music [will work] with Sebastian Yatra’s. If you guys tell me yes, I’ll do it. Si no, que se mame un bicho,” he declares, leaving the decision up to viewers.

I… I think it’s safe to say this collab, if it was in fact ever in the works, or even a dream pairing for their respective managers and teams, will never happen now. In terms of whether they would naturally sync well, a commenter named Fonzo Florez said “De eso se [trata] de probar nuevas fórmulas pero cada quien con lo que le nazca!!!” In addition, when has an odd pairing ever stopped anyone from going forth and doing it anyway? I think everyone will be fine without this. Everything is fine.