Other than his hurricane relief efforts, Bad Bunny has largely shied away from sharing his political views in the public sphere, but a new statement he authored about Puerto Rico’s education crisis is sparking controversy. Last week, a schoolteacher with the username Valley Jessiesther posted a Facebook statement criticizing Puerto Rican governor Ricardo Rosselló after he asked the “Estamos Bien” rapper to book a third homecoming concert, since the previously announced dates sold out. Jessiesther voiced her frustrations with the island’s school system and lambasted Bad Bunny’s explicit lyrics, which she claims are creating a “generation of idiots.” The teacher expressed her concern for her students, who struggle to understand the value of education and have difficulty staying motivated given the success of pop culture entertainers. “Will the time come when no one wants to learn and they’ll only want to write indecent lyrics? Will denigrating women will be their biggest accomplishment, and will our schools close??? Oh wait, that’s already happening!!!” she wrote.

After the post went viral, Bad Bunny posted a lengthy statement of his own, responding to Jessiesther’s critiques by highlighting education as a larger social problem that precedes his career. In the post, the rapper argues that as an artist, he isn’t the only person responsible for the educational crisis, and discusses his own experience with the island’s failing system, despite his good grades.

He also addressed the highly controversial school closures that rocked PR earlier this year. “I appreciate your effort to educate the children of my country, with unjust wages and few resources from the government. And I confess, that just like you, every school closure hurts my soul.” El Conejo Malo states that he will not respond to Rosselló’s request for another show. “My dignity as a Boricua won’t allow it, knowing that there are much more important issues than a third concert of mine.” Benito even admits that he isn’t proud of some of his more explicit lyrics. “Know that this artist you’re criticizing is just another product of the educational system of my country, so you and your colleagues have also contributed to a successful plan of creating a ‘generation of idiots,’” he continues.”[One] where they tell you that Christopher Columbus is a hero and is good, but wanting to know more than the teachers [by asking] difficult questions is bad.”

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Bad Bunny’s lengthy statement has ignited conversation among Boricuas across the island, with many fans echoing Benito’s criticisms. Others feel the Puerto Rican rapper can take further steps to address the crisis by donating time and money to the cause.

The teacher posted another statement addressing El Conejo Malo’s response to clarify that her critique wasn’t a personal attack, but a call for the rapper to evaluate his personal responsibility as an artist with a big platform.

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