Last week, Bad Bunny sparked controversy after he penned a lengthy essay denouncing Puerto Rico’s failing education system. El Conejo Malo posted the statement in part as a response to Puerto Rican Governor Ricardo Rosselló’s request that he organize a third homecoming show. In the Instagram post, the rapper addressed the highly controversial school closures that rocked the island earlier this year, the lack of resources the government gives to teachers, and unjust wages for educators. After the post went viral, Governor Rosselló invited Bad Bunny to speak with him about the island’s struggling school system and find solutions to the crisis.

The Puerto Rican rapper didn’t immediately respond to Rosselló – probably because he wasn’t finished voicing his concerns just yet. On Thursday night, he made a surprise appearance during Medalla Light’s Yellow Halloween event in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico, home to one of the island’s biggest universities. Bad Bunny took the stage to perform alongside fellow rapper Marvel Boy and sing a few of his solo tracks, like “Estamos Bien” and his Spanish-language Drake collab “Mia.”

But in between performances of his hits, Bad Bunny spoke to the audience. In the speech, he criticized Rosselló and sent a message to his critics, many of whom believe he and other música urbana artists are responsible for the island’s social problems. “When the governor talks [smack] and says that I should give advice [about education] – he should know that I’m not the secretary of education. I’m sure that all the people who came to listen to me here are students and are fighting for their futures. And listening to Bad Bunny doesn’t mean you’re not contributing to Puerto Rican society,” he shouted to roaring cheers. “I was a young dreamer – studious, hard-working, who’s now living his dream and traveling the world doing what he loves to do. You all can do the same. So whoever doesn’t believe in you – whoever doesn’t believe in this generation – mera, que se vaya pa’l carajo.”

Watch the full clip below: