Becky G & Karol G Fire Shots with ‘MAMIII’ – Here Are First Reactions

Lead Photo: Photo by Emilio Sanchez.
Photo by Emilio Sanchez.
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The female empowerment slash ultimate diss anthem “MAMIII” is here — and when we say that Karol G and Becky G weren’t playing around, we mean it! Solely based on the Mexican guitar tease and gritos in the first 15-seconds, we knew it was going to go from zero to 100 real quick. Once it settles to a pop reggaeton beat, the two G’s lay down verses that demand their exes to apologize for any wrong they’ve ever done to them. Y’all know who we’re talking about.

Fans were thrilled when they started seeing teasers and promos circulating both of the artist’s social media at the beginning of this week. Now that the anticipated wait is over, we are gifted with unapologetic verses that are instantly quotable and fit for anyone that is going through a type of messy breakup or simply empowering their divine feminine.

A Twitter user says that “the dragging” that the two served in this track brought her life.

From the catchy chorus: “No me vuelvas a llamar, hasta boté el celular / De lo tóxico que eres, se volvió perjudicial / Lo que se va, se va [Don’t call me again, I even threw away my cell phone / Due to how toxic you are, it became harmful / What leaves, stays gone],” that we love hearing on these type of “moving on” songs, to their tribute to the original male-disser Paquita la del Barrio: “Rata de dos patas, lo dijo Paquita / Un animal rastrero [Two-legged rat, like Paquita said / A dragging animal],” “MAMIII” is a whole mood. 

The shout-out quickly reached Paquita la del Barrio, in which she replied in her well-known sassy fashion: “Thank you for paying this tribute to me, and what better way than singing to those useless toxic two-legged rats.” 

Twitter users can’t get enough of the lyrics and the way the two superstars handled this hit, produced by the one and only Ovy On The Drums. 

This Twitter user comments: “Karol G after writing her verse for MAMIII.”

We are now looking forward to the music video, which is already in the works! Will it come out on Valentine’s Day?

Listen to “MAMIII” below.