Becky G Was “Heartbroken” That the Original Music Video of “MAMIII” Wasn’t Released

Lead Photo: Photo by Emilio Sanchez.
Photo by Emilio Sanchez.
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On Feb. 7, Becky G appeared on a radio show in the Dominican Republic for a live conversation, in which she expressed her emotions about the original music video of “MAMIII” being scrapped. 

For those keeping up with the Mexican-American artist, you may have noticed that the music video for “MAMIII” was completely different from the teaser clips she posted online at the time. In the clips, she’s dressed in a black cowgirl outfit with a horse as she lays down her verses. However, the music video that was released featured the Euphoria actor Angus Cloud and media personality Mia Khalifa – without the presence of either Becky G or Karol G.

Many were left confused about the decision. When taking questions from fans on the radio’s live chat, a “MAMIII” fan asked if she was hiding the official music video of the hit song. She denied that she was hiding it. “I left that situation with a broken heart. I’m telling you honestly because I think our fans, at the end of the day, deserve the world,” she responded. “Even without a video with the two of us, they took that song to a level so far [that] I’m still processing it.” She then thanked Karol G for the long-awaited collaboration.

She continued: “What can you say about this situation? I don’t want to say it was something with a bad vibe or anything, but at the end of the day, I’m never going to release something that we are not all 100% in that decision. I’m so much about wanting to empower and support that at the end of the day, we decided – well, we had to – shoot another video with a different concept.”

During the conversation, Becky G also shut down rumors about “MAMIII” being about Anuel AA. She clarified that the song was initially written as a solo single for her latest album ESQUEMAS. The two G’s actually recorded it separately, and Karol G heard the single thanks to Ovy On The Drums.

“We had been at it for so long. Karol is not just this overnight success. Same with Natti Natasha. Same with Anitta. There’s a lot of work that goes on to get to these moments,” she said in a previous interview about the collaboration. “So I had been wanting to do something with Karol for so long, and it just felt right. Like I said, it was the serendipity of it all.”