Every day is a mixed bag, but God knows the last thing I expected to read this morning was this simply exquisite headline on Forbes: “Bad Bunny to Perform at Pornhub Awards.” It demands to be re-read, but once you let it sit in it makes perfect sense. Of all his many award show performances and partnerships over the last year, this may be one of the most on brand. The man who initially included a porn star in one of his two Twitter follows, spoke openly about porn, gave unsolicited advice to women about their pubic hair and sex lives, and sings about his time and time again is going to perform at the event celebrating adult entertainment and its performers. Sounds about right.

The only other live performer in the award show’s history is Teyana Taylor being that this will be its sophomore year. As you likely recall, Kanye West was co-creative director of that inaugural year, which boasted pretty good viewership though it was reportedly largely disorganized. Though this year will seemingly not have a celebrity at its helm, Bad Bunny’s large following will likely serve as a big boost for the show, which takes place in Los Angeles on October 11th.

The Puerto Rican lothario has yet to make any public announcement or statement on the matter, so I’m going to go ahead and assume he’s going to include “Callita” and “Chambea” in his setlist, and pray he resists the urge to utter the word mayoketchup.