Mexican-American Rapper Bo Bundy Signs to Rancho Humilde

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
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Mexican-American rapper Bo Bundy is the newest artist joining the Rancho Humilde roster. The label known for its corridos tumbados adds one of Latin trap’s rising stars.

Bo Bundy hails from Houston, Texas. He’s making waves with his single “Mi Barrio” that was released in June. While structurally it’s a Latin trap song, much like in the corridos tumbados, he raps about his Chicano experience. You can really get a feel for his city and the lifestyle in those three minutes, especially in the music video.

“Everything just feels surreal, like if I’m going to wake up any second,” Bo Bundy says of joining Rancho Humilde. “But I also feel like I belong here, like this is my place. I always kind of knew I would get signed to RH.”

Not only is Bo excited about this new partnership, but so is Jimmy Humilde, the CEO of Rancho Humilde. “Mi compa Bo Bundy, bienvenidos a la familia de Rancho Humilde,” he wrote on an Instagram post, welcoming Bo Bundy. “I can’t wait to see you on those big stages, my boy.”

Rancho Humilde is the powerhouse imprint behind Mexican singer Natanael Cano, who is seen as the leader of the corridos tumbados movement. The L.A.-based label continues to highlight new stars in that scene like Junior H and Ivonne Galaz.