Cardi B has accomplished something most of us immigrant kids only dream of doing one day: buying her mother a new home. The Bronx rapper shared the news on Instagram and gave fans a behind-the-scenes tour of the new digs. In the caption, she shared more info behind the journey to purchase the home. “Stay down till you come up! [It’s] always been a dream to buy my mother a house. Last year I was so thirsty to buy my mom a house but the ones I was interested for her weren’t at my price range. I worked and worked and now I’m here!!” In the clip, Cardi explains she couldn’t buy the home for her mom last year, since she could only spend $600,000 – a smaller budget considering New York’s exorbitant real estate prices.

Cardi has been open about her tumultuous relationship with her mother in the past, but evidently, the pair has smoothed things over.

Watch Cardi give a tour of the home below: