The Carla Morrison and Macklemore Collaboration Has Arrived

Last week, we got word that Mexican indie pop darling Carla Morrison was slated to make an appearance on Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ second studio album. The day has come: This Unruly Mess I’ve Made is finally here in all its, er, unruly splendor. So far, reviews are mixed, as we’d expect from a duo who champion palatable Social Justice 101 rhymes.

So far, most of these reviews have glossed over Carla Morrison’s guest spot on the album’s penultimate track, entitled “The Train.” The song is a lurching and limp piano ballad in which Macklemore sulks over the difficulties of touring. It recalls Kanye West’s “Real Friends” – except it lacks Yeezy’s candor and meticulous production skills.

Morrison’s smoldering vocals rise out of the ashes on “The Train,” as chugging locomotive samples lift her wistful crooning. To be frank, Carla’s vocals are the song’s saving grace, rescuing the production from becoming yet another milquetoast Mackleless endeavor. Here’s hoping she saves her majestic vocal prowess for a less grating artist next time.

Listen for yourself above.