Chicano Batman Made Their Late-Night TV Debut on ‘Conan’

Lead Photo: Photo by Meghan Sinclair. Courtesy of TeamCoco

Following Chicano Batman’s meteoric rise in the indie universe has been a trip. From their campaign with Johnnie Walker, which saw them reimagine “This Land Is Your Land” into a pro-immigrant anthem, to their polished sophomore album Freedom is Free, the past year has been a whirlwind ride for the masked crusaders of psych soul. Their latest feat? Making their late-night TV debut on Conan last night.

The group hit the stage with a blast of funk, alongside two elegant backup singers dressed in white, performing Freedom Is Free’s “Friendship (Is A Small Boat in a Storm).” By the looks of it, even Conan was impressed, as he gave the quartet three hearty exclamations of “That was great!” Even on network TV, Chicano Batman’s charisma resonates.

Watch the clip above, and learn why Freedom Is Free is the band’s funkiest political statement yet here.