Christina Aguilera Goes Full Ranchera On Vicente Fernandez Tribute, ‘La Reina’

Lead Photo: Photo by Zoe Rain.
Photo by Zoe Rain.
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Christina Aguilera fans can rejoice as the Ecuadorian singer released the music video for the song “La Reina,” which is off her Spanish-language EP La Fuerza. In the stunning song and equally stunning video, Xtina paid tribute to a pioneering Latine singer, something her fans really enjoyed.

Aguilera donned a fiery red hairdo with a gorgeous gown to match as she belted out the lyrics to the song in the video. A group of guitarists joins her as they play in the courtyard of a Mexican-style mansion and flower petals fall around them.

In a conversation with HOLA!, Aguilera said the song was inspired by Vincente Fernandez, who has a classic song called “El Rey.” “I always pay tribute to the greatest, and Vicente Fernández is one of them. His song ‘El Rey’ talks about being the king and how great it is,” she tells the publication. “With ‘La Reina,’ I reply to this great classic emphasizing how a king wouldn’t be a king without his queen.”

She says that her song is “a respectful answer back” to Fernandez’s. “On this record, I have an answer back to that classic legendary song called ‘La Reina,’ which is basically saying today, ‘it’s amazing that you’re the king, you will always be the king, but you are nothing without your queen.’” Aguilera has also collaborated with Fernandez’s son, Alejandro Fernandez, on a song called “Hoy Tengo Ganas De Ti.”

Her fans are brimming with excitement about her latest Spanish-language project, a side of her that her fans haven’t seen in over 20 years, which she mentions in her interview. “It is really fun to tap as a grown woman making music that I feel empowered by and that I can share not only with my kids, but ultimately the fans will have been waiting for me to come back to Spanish-language music,” Aguilera said.

The latest video drew praise from Twitter users who called the video “stunning” and wrote that her voice is as good as it’s ever been.

Watch the “La Reina” music video below.