Coachella Day 1

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Coachella’s everything I imagined it to be times 10. I hear the weather’s never been more perfect (highs in the 80s) and never before have I witnessed a day fly as fast as this one. Music back-to-back has a way of doing that though. From the first act, El Gran Silencio, to the last, Bajofondo, there was only one instance when I actually sat down (thanks Buraka for engaging the crowd in a kneel). Special shout-outs to VIP for providing very clean bathroom facilities for the ladies!


El Gran Silencio (12:45 PM): You could tell this Mexican band was so excited to be here. The crowd was too. Reggae, ska, cumbia, rock, whatever it was, it pleased the people and gave out positive vibrations for the rest of the day. For so early, it felt like a late night after party. When I ran into homie from the band (pictured), he said he was going to stay away from the VIP area and take in the music instead. I could tell he was still on a major music high after performing on a Coachella stage.

Molotov (3:40 PM): Slow rap opened their set with a “Supersonic” beat to follow. The crowd was reppin’ Mexico. Some even wore the Mexican flags over their hot bodies. Their Beastie Boys’ sound is infectious and hits like “Chinga tu Madre” and “Frijolero” made everyone jump around.

Buraka Som Sistema (5:35 PM): This crew from Portugal surprised everybody. I never thought I could dance so hard while cradling a laptop in my arms for dear life. I can’t wait to cop a CD when I get home, or at least stalk them on MySpace. The chica who danced on stage was badass! They even had everyone squat for a minute until they counted to 4 and made us all jump around like crazy.

Ghostland Observatory (7:50PM): My homeboy Jorge says the lead singer’s half Latino. His braids and energy made the loyal crowd hit a few fatties before grooving and moving.

Morrissey (8:30PM): Morrissey is like me: emotional and pre-menstrual. The sound wasn’t on his side and he made sure everyone knew it. He complained that the smell of animals (i.e. the hamburger meat I had for lunch) burning was making him sick in between “Charming Man” and “Girlfriend in a Coma.” Either way, I love him flaws and all.

Bajofondo (11PM): The Argentine-Uruguayan collective led by two-time Academy Award and Golden Globe-winning composer for Brokeback Mountain and Babel, Gustavo Santaolalla, is no joke. Like a glass of red wine, it was the perfect nightcap.