Coachella Day 3

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I didn’t think I’d survive the last 72 hours, but I did. I thank two down-ass homies for having my back and making me laugh off the mishaps (i.e. lost usb cords, camera chargers, feminine products, etc.) Today was so much better than yesterday.

Meeting Camilo Lara (pictured) of Mexican Institute of Sound and discovering how he relates to music made me proud to descend from the same soil. Witnessing K’naan tell his story of struggle and survival having immigrated to Harlem from Somalia and finding truth in an older, wiser soul made tears stream down these flushed cheeks. Music is love. That’s why we love it.


Mexican Institute of Sound (12:45 PM): I ain’t gunna lie. We missed this first set of the day because Palm Springs is a whole lot farther than we thought and my girl thought she could eat Ralph’s potato salad for breakfast in 110 degree heat without getting sick on the car ride to Coachella. We listened to MIS’s new album on the way and pretended to be there.  I asked Lara for the Cliff’s Notes when I sat down with him backstage and he said it was a success. I trust. He was looking forward to seeing My Bloody Valentine later in the evening.

Shepard Fairey (2:15 PM): Folks in LA know and love him as the man behind Obey and those infamous posters of Obama. He’s down for the cause and made a whole mess of Latino punkers’ day by playing fast punk and igniting a mosh pit. He threw in some old school hip-hop and I did the robot.

Lupe Fiasco (3:45 PM): This petite rapper enough energy and stamina to hype up a crowd of hot and sweaty stoners and make them do the ol’ hip-hop arm wave.

Lykke Li (4:05 PM): This is by far the hottest time of the day. So I listen while trying not to fall over and die. We filled up our water bottles during her set only to find that it’s foggy and tastes like dirt.

K’naan (4:35 PM):  I don’t know how to say this without offending other artists, but K’naan is the real deal. A true artist who releases so much positive energy and soft soul you don’t know what to do with yourself. Sundays I usually take my grandma to church. Today I felt K’naan took me there. It’s no wonder Bob Marley’s family let him record in their Jamaican home. Paz, hermano.

The Cure (9:25 PM): “However far away…I will always love you.” Then drove home to finally see my boo.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Meeting people who traveled all the way from Toronto, Canada by way of Mexico and as far as Brazil and Argentina, made me realize the significance of an event like this. Music has a way of bringing people together in a mostly peaceful union where sound and style is shared.