CyberWitches Celebrate Two Years of Their Woman-First, Queer Friendly Party Coven With a Club Night

Lead Photo: Design by Noruma
Design by Noruma
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Safe, queer friendly, and anti-sexist dance parties for hundreds of people are no simple undertaking in any part of the world. But over the past two years, the CyberWitches crew has brought such gatherings to life in Guadalajara, and has featured some of the country’s avant-garde electronic talent while doing so. Despite bumps and personnel changes, the crew has lived to tell the tale. And on September 17, 2016, they’re planning a celebration of their continued nightlife subversion with a peda suprema featuring Buenos Aires’ Tayhana and a crew of audio and visual wizards.

We reached out to the CW clan to get their take on their evolution over the last few years. “The road has been full of obstacles and hostile moments, as well as recognition, respect, and collaboration,” they wrote. Tellingly, the squad said their aesthetic has evolved from the Tumblr bruja vibes that dominated the group’s first posts. “You could say that as a collective we have grown a lot. We’re definitely not the same girls who talked about ‘digital cauldrons.’ Not in spirit, not in numbers.”

Hiedrah founder Tayhana, Monterrey’s Gvajardo and Guadalajara’s Fonobisa and Babybruise (an original CyberWitch herself) will provide the high-octane soundtrack for the night. Those seeking stellar visuals will have come to the right spot — VJs Noruma and S u g a r r u s h have been tapped to provide the CyberWitches’ beloved digital party arts.

Tickets will get you in to both the main event and an after party, which is going down in a TBA secret location. The CW crew wants it to be a night where you can dance like there are no haters staring from the corners. “We invite la banda, anyone who wants to be and feel free to dance without being judged,” they told us.

Two years of partying is something to celebrate, especially when your throwdowns helped question the gender disparity obvious to anyone with a passing familiarity with nightlife. “We’re not saying we [reinvented the wheel],” CyberWitches wrote. “But we did give weight to women in event production.”

CyberWitches’ second anniversary party goes down on Saturday, September 17 at 11 p.m. at C3 Stage in Guadalajara. Check out the flyer below. For more info, click here.

Update, 9/1/2016, 6:50 p.m.: The lineup for CyberWitches’ second anniversary after-party is here. Check out the flyer below.