Daddy Yankee Just Opened a Museum in Puerto Rico in Honor of…Himself

Lead Photo: Photo by Jason Koerner/One Voice: Somos Live!/Getty Images
Photo by Jason Koerner/One Voice: Somos Live!/Getty Images
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Being “El Jefe” isn’t enough when you’re Daddy Yankee — the record-breaking, chart-topping reggaetonero has decided to open his own honorary museum now, too. This morning, he announced the opening of a pop-up exhibit, “El Jefe Museum,” in San Juan, Puerto Rico’s Plaza Las Américas. It opens to the public at 12 PM AST today, November 22, 2019, and will remain at the mall (next to, uh, Sears) until January 2020. If you’re a Daddy Yankee fan, or just happen to be shopping in the area, you can get tickets to his exhibit for free — just make a reservation here (or sign up for tickets at Red Lobster. Actually, though.)

But what does a Daddy Yankee museum even look like? In line with his Barrio Fino album turning 15 this year, there’s reportedly over a decade of personal career highlights to feature in the space. You can expect to see the story and culture of reggaeton told through El Cangri’s personal path, from selling out Puerto Rico’s El Choli 10 times over and releasing throngs of major music videos, all the way back to his own humble barrio roots — with a fully recreated set design of his old neighborhood, to boot. The museum’s chronological history even includes throwback photos of Daddy Yankee as…Baby Yankee!

In a video posted to his Instagram page this morning, the man of the hour posed in front of his childhood photos. In one particular picture, he’s already showing off his penchant for record-breaking with a bunch of honors student medals. Ramóncito may still have the same smile, yet “the only difference is that these days, I pray with great faith to have that voluminous mane again,” Daddy Yankee wrote in his caption.

The “El Jefe Museum” apparently also contains unique touring and red carpet costumes, plenty of awards, interactive technology, and exclusive interviews to watch. It’s an 8,000-square-foot space, after all, so we know there’s sure to be an exhaustive display. I mean, would Daddy Yankee really have it any other way?

If you’re in Puerto Rico, you can check out the museum at the first level of Plaza Las Américas every Monday through Thursday from 10 AM to 7 PM AST, and on Sundays from 11 AM to 5 PM AST until January 2020.