PREMIERE: Danny Ocean & Tokischa Are Life of Party With New Track ‘Dorito & Coca-Cola’

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Danny Ocean
Courtesy of Danny Ocean
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It seems like singer and songwriter Danny Ocean and rapper Tokischa may have had some major munchies while recording a new song in the studio.

On Wednesday, October 13, the Latine duo released a sensual single, “Dorito & Coca-Cola.” In the music video, Ocean and Tokischa enter a luxurious mansion during an elegant celebration and bring in all the energy and personality to turn the party on its head.

“[The song] is a blast,” Ocean said in a statement. “I eat a lot of Doritos and Coca-Cola, I still do. And I feel that it is a good quick snack and that there are many people who do it, and that is how the theme was created.”

Ocean said that he reached out to Tokischa directly and asked her if she would be interested in collaborating with him on a song. He said the track was “born super organic” in a recording studio in Mexico.

“Working with her has been incredible,” he said. “The truth is, I admire and respect her message very much. I feel that it is very powerful, apart from the fact that I love what she is doing artistically.”

This year, Ocean has released songs like “Cuantas Veces” with Justin Quiles and “Apartmento” and “Tu No Me Conoces” with Tini. In the past, he has teamed up with several artists, including Karol G, Ovy on the Drums, Lagos and Dylan Fuentes.

Recently, Ocean’s hit song “Me Rehúso” hit one billion streams on Spotify. With that kind of success, he’s likely earned the right to eat as many bags of Doritos and drink as many bottles of Coke as he’d like.