“Scooby Doo Pa Pa” Will Be Everywhere Now That It’s Getting a Remix From Pitbull

Lead Photo: DJ Kass. Photo by Itzel Alejandra Martinez for Remezcla
DJ Kass. Photo by Itzel Alejandra Martinez for Remezcla
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Just when you thought “Scooby Doo Pa Pa” had run its course, DJ Kass is back to give the viral dembow hit another boost. Last week, the Dominican DJ unveiled the official video for the track, an adventurous love letter to Uptown life that was shot in Inwood staple Opus Lounge and features Pioladitingancia, the Dominican internet’s favorite Instagram influencer. In 2017, the song went viral thanks to Venezuelan Internet star Lele Pons’ dance parody video, which featured “Scooby Doo Pa Pa” as a backing track, and since then, has birthed 100 million different memes and dance clips. It’s even got a ridiculous quince slow jam cover that puts Chayanne’s “Tiempo de Vals” to shame.

Now, the song is getting an official remix featuring none other than Pitbull. Univision reports that Kass and Pitbull worked on the remix in the studio last week; its official release is slated for Thursday, April 5, and the pair will perform the song live for the first time on April 14 during a show in Miami.

Say what you will about Mr. Worldwide – his ubiquitous catchphrases and ambiguous politics aside – but the Cuban rapper has a track record for turning viral and context-specific tracks into hits. He’s evolved from his roots in Miami’s local hip-hop scene to build an empire of global pop, collaborating with everyone from massively popular EDM DJs to emerging Caribbean artists. Mr. 305 has put in work when it comes to co-signing Latino pop stars; his 2009 remix of Sensato’s beloved “Watagatapitusberry” featuring Lil’ Jon tapped into a whole new fanbase for the Dominican artist. If DJ Kass and Pitbull play their cards right, the same might just happen for “Scooby Doo Pa Pa,” taking dembow to another international level – though it remains to be seen whether the track will just become a kitsch novelty. One thing’s for sure: expect this to be bumping from car speakers everywhere.

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