El Guincho Drops New Mixtape That Spoofs ‘The Life of Pablo’ Album Cover

Lead Photo: Photo by Adrià Cañameras. Courtesy of El Guincho
Photo by Adrià Cañameras. Courtesy of El Guincho

With the release of his latest album HiperAsiaPablo Díaz-Reixa not only reinvented his own sound as El Guincho, he also pioneered the “wearable album” concept. El Guincho’s Wellness-designed, NFC-enabled bracelet gives you access to the album and the whole HiperAsia universe, including an animated short film and exclusive goodies that aren’t available anywhere else.

Now El Guincho is expanding on his wearable album project even further, with a brand new sweatshirt and mixtape. Designed by Wellness in collaboration with Beijing designer Michael Dior, the hoodie is fly as hell, and also comes with a new addition to the HiperAsia universe in the form of an all new six-song mixtape, aptly called Michael Dior Mixtape. It features collaborations with King B, Young Nivea, Tomás Peña, Torrent Papi, and DJ Quasimatto, and can only be accessed in full by purchasing the sweater on the HiperAsia site. The album artwork hilariously references Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo, and instantly positions El Guincho as one of the Pablos the rapper may be referring to (can you imagine that?).

But Díaz-Reixa was kind enough to share a preview of the mixtape in the form of “Pegada al White.” It’s a very simple song in comparison to what’s on the album, but retains the LP’s hip-hop vibes and warped vocal effects. Lyrically, he doesn’t hold back, going off on a girl who doesn’t like his new album nor the way he dresses – and since he’s technically wearing his album, that must hurt. Wanna know what the rest of these songs sound like? Sorry, you’ll have to buy a sweatshirt or a bracelet.

Check out photos of the sweatshirt below:

Photo by Phillipe Milton
Photo by Phillipe Milton
Photo by Phillipe Milton

HiperAsia is out now in the US and Canada on Nacional Records.

Update, 3/28/2016, 12:53 p.m.: In the end, Pablo Díaz-Reixa couldn’t deprive the world of the Michael Dior Mixtape. The entire thing is now available to stream on Spin. The six song-mixtape features a similar stylistic approach as HiperAsia, but isn’t quite as detailed and full of twists as the album is. The six songs are quite simple, and resemble old school hip-hop in their rhythm and sampling techniques.

De Rosca Loco” is linked to the previously-shared track “Pegada al White,” but with an explicit dancehall beat. “Jetski Abandonado” and its Casio-like programming has a funky 80s feel, and “Headbanging en Mi Cuarto Solo” is the most mutated song here, mainly relying on twisted vocal processing. He also gives us his bizarre interpretation of boom bap on the two collaborations found here: “Snickers,” crafted with Tomás Peña and DJ Quasimatto, and “3 Colegio Privao,” an interlude-like piece featuring Young Nivea, Pops Miami, and King B.

It’s an Easter miracle.

Stream Michael Dior Mixtape below: