Good morning to you and Farruko only. El rey de Gangalee had a slight mishap with his signature pollina hairstyle on stage during a tour stop on Tuesday. But Farruko took it in stride, making sure to joke about it before anyone else could beat him to it. In a true “expectation versus reality” moment, Farruko stood confidently and completely unperturbed behind the CO2 jet machine on stage, likely looking to have what would equate to a Beyoncé wind machine moment, or at the very least, he was going for a dramatic effect after the fog cleared… pero el que quedó sorprendido fue el.

The folks at Rapeton were actually the first to upload the video with the misleading, double-take worthy “Se le paró a #Farruko en tarima” caption attached, basically forcing you to watch ‘til the end. Is it a wig? Is Farruko actually a mad scientist? Was it just a beautiful edit? It doesn’t matter because there’s no going back at this point. Since life is apparently not a challenge enough in itself, artists will make anything and everything a contest amongst their followers and this is no exception.

Even el Guaynaa — one of Farruko’s recent collaborators – took a moment to bring levity to the situation.

Though I hope this is the beginning of the end of this urbano hair trend, this feels like a good moment to remind everyone that gelled down pollinas give you pimples and are almost never a good look. Let your forehead breathe or it will find a way to do so itself. PI RI YA YA YA.