February Playlist: F*ck You, Amor.

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Everybody hurts.” Sir Michael Stipe once proclaimed those grand words. And he sang them with feeling, with gut-wrenching assertion. He knew what was up, because he probably got shat on by someone. And so it goes. You start out all wide eyed, loving anything and everything about one another (Oh the way he pinches my chichos is soooo adorable! Oh i love it when she hogs the remote during fútbol, so cute!). You meet the friends, the family, the coworkers. You sleep over every night, make carne asada together, and watch la tele. She likes Sex & The City. He likes Entourage. She likes Gael García Bernal. And he likes porn. And during a quaint little quiet moment in bed you turn to each other, still in each other’s embrace, and you say: “I want to break up.”

And so it ends. And all the insecurities and shame and jealousy and general emptiness and spontaneous outbursts of violence commence. You’ve been dumped. No going back (except for some regrettable, loneliness-driven, residual hook up). But generally speaking, it’s over. So instead of indulging in ice cream and ron (not that there’s anything wrong with that per se), turn to our trusty playlist this month, F*ck You, Amor., tracks to embody your pain.

This playlist covers an array of coping methods for heartbreak. You have the “I still stay up at night thinking of the babies we could have had” stage (Jumbo); the existentialist route (Les Mentettes); the ol’ “I’m going to write a song about my heartache” tradition (Protistas); or the always effective “I want to impale you with your own genitalia” strategy*** (who else? La Trevi! see video below). But maybe in the end you’ll feel as triumphant as Lázaro Valiente: going on your own, no control, just you and your soul.

Happy crying!


***DISCLAIMER: Remezcla is in no way endorsing this method.


1. Los Punsetes – “El Artista” (LP2)
2. Protistas – “Nicaragua” (Protistas)
3. Diego García – “You were never there” (Diego García)
4. Antoine Reverb – “Divorce” (Goodbye Victorian Houses)
5. Les Mentettes – “Fairy Tale” (Single 03S)
6. Jumbo – “De qué manera te olvido” (Bimexicano: Nuestros Clásicos Hechos Rock)
7. Remate – “Por lo que tiene de romántico” (Superluv. Por Lo Que Tiene de Romántico)
8. Gloria Trevi – “La papa sin catsup” (Más turbada que nunca)
9. Lázaro Valiente – “ANCOTP (And never call me on the phone)” (La Isla Bonita (pop as an island))