Nrmal and Epicentro Announce Stacked Lineup for First Costa Rican Edition of Festival Nrmal

Lead Photo: Photo by Frutagrafia

We’re less than a month away from the first edition of Festival Nrmal Costa Rica, and now we got what we all waited for: the lineup. For the announcement, Nrmal and Epicentro gathered a bunch of bands: Nrmal alumni Las Robertas, Monte, and Ave Negra, as well as All My Friends participants 424 and special guests Shiro Schwarz. All of them played live for a webcast and announced some of the names to those tuning in online.

The lineup features Gepe (Chile) and The Sonics (U.S.) as headliners, as well as a bunch of electronic producers: Raido (CR), Helado Negro (ECU/US), Algodón Egipcio (VEN), AAAA (MX), and Buscabulla (PR/U.S.). Costa Rican bands like Hijos will also be part of the mix.

Noise will be provided by award-winning composer Sergio Fuentes and his Wiesengrund Project and fellow Costa Ricans aUTOPerro, a legendary group in the local noise circuit.

Festival Nrmal in Costa Rica will be the perfect end to a week full of activities for Latin indie. Starting November 18, the Epicentro Latin Indie Summit will host a series of conferences and gatherings with music industry peeps, press, and labels from all over Latin America.

If you’re not one of the lucky ones who scored free tickets, stay tuned to Remezcla for a chance to grab tickets.