Free Download: Superfluo’s “La Marcha del Homo Sapiens” [ARG]

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A song like “La Marcha del Homo Sapiens” at the hands of a few average musicians would be nothing more than some annoying little ditty made for Sesame Street or some other educational program. At the hands of Superfluo, though, it is easily one of the most feel-goodingest (that’s a real word as of right now) tracks I’ve ever come across.

The song is a call to move forward and evolve into a fuzzy ball of love and happiness (“Aunque fuimos destructivos ahora las cosas están por cambiar”). It could’ve ended up being super cheesy but Juan Manuel López Manfré, Nique Legarreta, and Agustín “Chino” Bandiera make the message fun and catchy. The song will appear on the band’s third album, which they‘re currently working on.

(Photo Credit: Agustina Folcher)