WATCH: Gordo Links Up With Feid For “Hombres y Mujeres”

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On Nov. 18, the Guatemalan-American producer Gordo (previously known as DJ Carnage) linked up with Feid for their latest banger, “Hombres y Mujeres.” The result? A catchy house-infused track with the Colombian singer’s signature vocals.

“It’s gonna be the biggest Spanish tech-house record in the world,” Gordo told Remezcla about the track. “Spanish tech-house is a popping sub-genre in house music that’s been buzzing for a long time, obviously for years; but now with reggaeton being so big, it’s getting bigger and bigger, this is a legit record of that type of genre.”

When asked about his take on the mesh of electronic and reggaeton music, Gordo said: “If you go to the barrios of D.R. and to 42, they’re listening to old house records, guaracha, and ‘Pepas.’ It’s crazy because dance music inspires and is such a big part of Spanish music, and we don’t even claim it – which is sad. A lot of records are their own versions of dance records.” He mentions he’s here to represent that space for the Latine community.

“Hombres y Mujeres” initially came together because of Sky Rompiendo. When Sky asked Gordo who he would want in the studio, he immediately mentioned Feid. The timing was right since the artists were all in Miami after an award show, so they took advantage of the opportunity to create fire. And get this: the track was done in an hour — just three weeks ago.

“It’s about bridging the gap. As long as we bridge that gap – and we do it right – [and] we represent our people, it’s good,” he said.

As far as the music video goes, Gordo describes it as “fire.” One visualizer features party-goers across three parts in the span of 14 hours and in three different countries. Another visualizer (yes, there’s two) features the two artists vibing with each other in a minimalistic setting.

Watch the music video for “Hombres y Mujeres” below.