Here’s How You Can Get Chalino Sánchez’s ‘Nieves De Enero’ on Vinyl

Lead Photo: Courtesy of CraftLatino.
Courtesy of CraftLatino.
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An iconic album by a corrido legend will soon be released on vinyl. Today (July 10), Craft Latino announced that Chalino Sánchez’s album Nieves De Enero will be pressed on wax next month.

Before the arrival of Peso Pluma, Natanael Cano, or Fuerza Regida, the OG king of corridos was Sánchez. After fleeing Sinaloa, Mexico, to go to the U.S., the Mexican singer got caught up in narco life. In addition to popularizing corridos, he also normalized narrocorridos with his songs about drug traffickers. In May 1992, Sánchez later returned to Sinaloa for what would be his final concert. Right before singing “Alma Enamorada,” he was handed what appeared to be a death threat note. The following morning, Sánchez was found shot to death. His murder remains unsolved.

Sánchez’s legacy as a pioneer in corridos continues to live on through his music. One of his most revered albums is Nieves De Enero, released in 1992. The LP features his classics like “Florita Del Alma,” “El Crimen De Culiacán,” and “Hermanos Mata.” Sánchez collaborated with Nacho Hernandez and Los Amables del Norte on that album. 

On Aug. 30, Craft Latino will release Nieves De Enero on vinyl for the first in over 30 years. The songs will be remastered in analog. Craft Latino’s vinyl pressing of Nieves De Enero is now available for pre-order on Discos Musart. An exclusive “Ahumado,” or “smoky,” color variant of the vinyl is also available for purchase. The exclusive is limited to 300 copies. There’s also a bundle that includes a Nieves De Enero T-shirt. 

Interest in Sánchez and his music was reinvigorated earlier this year after Deadline reported that a biopic about him got the green light. Mexican-American actor David Castañeda was reportedly tapped to play the corridos king.