Hinds Made Their First Network TV Appearance on Colbert’s ‘Late Show’

Following Hinds’ meteoric rise in the indie world has been a trip, and I’ve never felt more like a proud parent. Since we filmed our third installment of Hangin’ and kicked it with them last summer, they’ve toured across the world, played dozens of sets at SXSW, were graced by the presence of Nardwuar, and filmed a grotesquely powerful music video for “Easy.” Their latest feat? Making their first network TV appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert last night.

On Instagram, the garage quartet proclaimed: “We might have been the first Spanish band to play an American late night show ever.” Whether or not the garage pop troubadours accomplished that feat will require some digging, but it’s certainly worth celebrating. Even on network TV, Carlotta Cosials’ incomprehensible – but lovable – crooning resonates, and it almost doesn’t matter that Ana García Perrote’s guitar is held up by a duct tape strap. Watch the performance of  “Garden” above, and revisit our Hangin’ with Hinds from last year: