Hottest Music Videos of 2012

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By Poxyclub

Too much tits-and-ass on this list? I know. But don’t despair you worshipers of the male anatomy. Plenty of bulky young men in underwear here to satiate your appetite for bulge. Released last month, the hilarious homo-erotic fantasy of two macho rugbiers falling in lust with one another in the lockers room unleashed an instant viral controversy. The video was soon deleted from the internet by the band, after they received violent threats from actual macho rugbiers who got offended by their portrayal. Fortunately, Poxyclub has many fans who don’t care about censorship and are not afraid of these bullies (rugbiers are the Argentine equivalent of frat-boy jocks), and before the video was taken down from the original source they bootlegged it and re-uploaded it in multiple accounts. Ballsy. -JD

[insert-video youtube=_x2xwcUEbJY]

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