Ivonne Galaz Released Tribute Song For Netflix Documentary ‘I Am Vanessa Guillén’

Lead Photo: Courtesy of artist management.
Courtesy of artist management.
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Mexican singer Ivonne Galaz honored Fort Hood soldier Vanessa Guillén in a song released on Friday night (Nov. 18). Galaz talked about Guillén’s influence on her life and premiered the tribute in the recently-released Netflix documentary I Am Vanessa Guillén.

In 2019, Galaz was the first woman to sign with the corridos tumbados label Rancho Humilde. Her first release was the duet “Golpes De La Vida” with the label’s star Natanael Cano, also from the home state of Sonora, Mexico. When the tragic murder of Guillén made headlines in 2020, Galaz decided to use her music to raise awareness, so she wrote the corrido titled “Vanessa Guillén.” Since recording that song, she maintained a friendly relationship with Guillén’s family.

When production began on the Netflix documentary I Am Vanessa Guillén, Galaz was invited to contribute her music and participate in the documentary. The new version of “Vanessa Guillén” was produced by Edgar Rodríguez. It marks a detour from the corridos tumbados that Galaz is known for. Instead, she turned the corrido into a heartfelt ballad where she soulfully sings about remembering Guillén. Galaz also raises awareness of the femicide happening in the world with her moving lyrics.

“My goal with this song is that the people who listen to me become aware,” Galaz said in a statement. “As women, we will always be in danger no matter who we are. That is why I want to use my platform to ensure that there is justice in this case.”

Galaz also released a behind-the-scenes video on the making of the song on Rancho Humilde’s YouTube channel. “Vanessa Guillén” can be heard in the documentary I Am Vanessa Guillén that’s now streaming on Netflix. Following Guillén’s murder, the I Am Vanessa Guillén Act was passed, which gave greater protections for victims of sexual assault, misconduct, and harassment in the military.