J Balvin Paused His Concert to Send a Message of Support to Colombia’s Protestors

Lead Photo: Photo by Brian Santiago
Photo by Brian Santiago
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“Today, I take the opportunity to send a message to my country, to Colombia, that I love you,” J Balvin announced to his fans in Mexico City this weekend. “I love you. I am with you, and I am working toward a better future for our country,” he added.

Spoken during his set at Coca Cola’s Flow Fest, the 34-year-old reggaetonero finally imparted some words of support for his homeland of Colombia, where the #21N protests against President Ivan Duque continue to rage on.

These comments arrive several days after followers across Balvin’s social networks asked him to express his opinion on the current situation. To many, it appeared that the Colombian artist was too preoccupied with the rollout of his latest single “Blanco” last Friday to speak out on the matter. And after posting the following Instagram photo, some followers remained disappointed by his lack of personal reflection, as Balvin opted for a quote by the Dalai Lama instead.

At his performance this weekend, Balvin continued his uncontroversial streak. He clarified that he is “neither left nor right” on the political spectrum, but that “the important thing is that one be right in life, and always push ahead — always be there, and never pass over anyone else,” he said to the crowd.

“I am not the president of Colombia,” Balvin continued. “But I am a proud Colombian, who carries my country [with me] to other parts of the world. I am proud to be Latino,” he confirmed. At the end of his interlude, he reiterated that he does not belong to either the left or the right. “I am not a politician, [but] I am a good man, who only has a message of dignity, tolerance, and love,” he finally said.

“Always follow your dreams, my people,” he offered on a parting note. Hopefully, the dreams of Colombia’s protestors will be realized soon, too.