Last month, Colombian reggaeton star J Balvin appeared on a Portuguese YouTube show starring vlogger SirKazzio. During the appearance, Balvin was asked to play a game of Kiss, Marry, Kill, where he had to weigh the options between Rihanna and his “Machika” collaborators Anitta and Jeon. When asked to make a decision, Balvin explained he wouldn’t marry the Barbadian pop star. “Rihanna isn’t the type of woman to marry, just have a good time with.” Peep the moment at 4:20:

The response is drawing the ire of Rihanna fans and the Latinternet, who are questioning the subtext of Balvin’s commentary, and unpacking the questions of gender, race, and respectability politics it raises.

In a statement to The FADER, Balvin’s camp wrote, “J Balvin has the utmost respect for Rihanna, which he has stated multiple times in interviews – repeatedly naming her as one of the artists he would most like to work with one day. In this particular case, which is being taken out of context by some, a Brazilian video Blog interview requested he answer two rounds of Kiss, Marry, Kill. J Balvin lightheartedly choose his two recent ‘Machika’ collaborators Anitta and Jeon as his ‘Marry’ responses because he knows each of them well – leaving only the ‘kiss’ or ‘kill responses remaining. He would no more wish to show any type of disrespect to Rihanna, as he would wish harm on the other names presented.”