Jenni Rivera’s Estate Sues Late Singer’s Father & Siblings

Lead Photo: Photo by Carlos Quinteros.
Photo by Carlos Quinteros.
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It seems the Rivera family isn’t seeing eye to eye. On Sept. 20, it was revealed that the Jenni Rivera Estate filed a lawsuit against the indie label Cintas Acuariot, owned by La Diva de la Banda’s father, Don Pedro Rivera. The lawsuit also names the music company Ayana Musical, also owned by Don Pedro.

According to Billboard, the complaint was filed yesterday by Jenni’s daughter, Jacquelin Campos, who is currently in charge of the late singer’s estate. The reasons listed include her grandfather taking advantage of Jenni’s “sound recordings and musical compositions, among other things,” which they claim rightfully belong to the estate as Jenni’s successors. They also claim that the defendants “exploited” the “Ya Lo Sé” singer’s name, image, and overall likeness for “tens of millions of dollars.”

Another reason for the lawsuit is that Don Pedro’s companies are not acting in accordance with Jenni’s early-on terms of the agreement. Cintas Acuariot and Ayana Musical claim to own and control music rights that are not theirs, claims the estate, who has repeatedly asked them not to do so, per the court case. It’s worth noting that Jenni’s siblings, Rosie and Juan Rivera, currently run the operations of both of Don Pedro’s companies: Rosie is the general manager, and Juan is the president. Rosie used to run Jenni’s legacy until Jenni’s children asked to handle the estate in 2021. 

Now, Jenni’s children — Chiquis, Jacqie, Jenicka, Mike, and Johnny — are leading their mother’s legacy, releasing new music under their wing. Their latest album release, Misión Cumplida, featured the focus single “Pedacito de Mi” with Chiquis and Jacqie on the vocals.

“This album is a representation of her whole life story and the fact that she completed what she came here to do,” Jacqui said in the album’s press release. “She left a mark and a legacy of inspiration.”