In yet another twist of events following José José’s death, his children have appeared at a press conference together only days after two siblings, José Joel and Marysol, accused their half-sister, Sarita, of hiding their father’s body. Whatever differences these siblings once shared seem to have blown over in the wake of their father’s memorial services – at least for now.

José Joel, Marysol, and Sarita were joined by Jonathan Chait Auerbach, the Mexican Consul General in Miami on Tuesday. He thanked the public for their patience, and explained plans for honoring El Príncipe’s memory. “I am very happy that after talking and being with the family, the decision was made to be united more than ever in saying goodbye with the honor he deserves,” said the consul, “Both in Miami and Mexico, to Mr. José Rómulo Sosa Ortíz, known and loved worldwide as our ‘Prince of Song’, José José.” Chait Auerbach also took the opportunity to deny that Mexican authorities had requested any kind of investigation into José José’s death from the FBI.

While the consul concluded that the family would continue to be in dialogue as they plan memorial events, the siblings still surprised reporters by what they did next. At the end of the press conference, José Joel, Marysol, and Sarita joined hands and hugged to cheers and applause from onlookers. If anyone could make a feuding family make amends, it would be José José.