After Dropping Dembow-Lite “Sorry,” Bieber Takes on Dominican Drake with “Hotline Bling” Cover

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I’m not saying Justin Bieber wants the Dominican Drake treatment, but after dropping the dembow-lite “Sorry” last week, he has moved closer to joining his fellow Canadian. Today, Bieber dropped his cover of Champagne Papi’s “Hotline Bling.” This may be the thing that completes his transformation from America’s No. 1 Chambelan to Chambieberlan.

Bieber is inviting people to call his cell phone (but you know, not really) where he a recorded message will play the song. Or you can just listen to the song on SoundCloud.

It doesn’t have the familiar feeling of Drake’s version (probably because you haven’t yet heard it a million times yet), but Bieber’s vocals are much more controlled.